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Help me make our new arrangement safe

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Hey mamas, we are about to graduate to a new sleeping arrangement and I need some tips. DD is 8.5 months old. So far she has been sleeping part of the night in the Arms Reach co-sleeper and part of the night actually in our bed. This has worked out really well and now that she has outgrown the co-sleeper (she can get up on her knees and bend over the sides, so it's no longer safe) we wanted to keep doing something similar. Someone in the neighborhood is giving us a crib mattress. We want to put our mattress and box spring on the ground and put the crib mattress on the floor next to our mattress.

I have two concerns - first of all, I'm not sure how to make sure the two mattresses stay together, so that DD does not fall in between. Second, I'm not sure what to do about her rolling off the mattress. It'll only be a few inches off the floor, so not a huge deal, but I imagine it would wake her up at the least! Should I put blankets or pillows all around the mattress? I guess I have a little bit of worry she'd roll off, end up all tangled up in them, and suffocate or something.

So, tell me how to make the mattress-on-the-floor option work!
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We have our ds on a futon mattress on the floor between our bed and the wall (our bed is also on the floor). He has plenty of room to sleep and I have room to lay with him and nurse.
Good luck.
We took our queen mattress from our bed and our full mattress from the guest room (our guests can sleep on the floor if they have too!!!). The mattress are different thickness so we put the queen by it self on the floor and the full on it's box spring then I just stuff a blanket between the mattresses so it's flatter (or sometimes we just lay our body pillow on the crack!!!)

We put the bed that Ethan sleeps on, in the corner with pillows and or blankets on the spaces between the wall and bed. Then the bed we sleep on (well I roll back and forth!!) next to the only place he could roll off is the foot of the bed!

Also you might feel safer if you got a box spring to put under the crib mattress it would be more level with your bed. You'll love it...we wish we would have done this b/f he was born!!! Our friends that walk into our room say, "WOW what a HUGE bed!!! It looks so comfortable!!" It makes co-sleeping peaceful!!
Duh! Why didn't I think of putting the crib mattress between our mattress and the wall!
That's what we'll do. Thanks ladies, for the great tips.
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