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help me make this work" "taking baby to work"

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I am a SAHM/WAHM but now have started teaching two classes a week for our local homeschooling group.

Daddy kept baby (for the 1.5 hour class) on week number one and things went fine. Week two things did not go fine and he ended up bringing me a sad crying baby...teething...really just needs mama.

So the director (who is very crunchy) and apparently my students are cool with me bringing him into class with me and slinging him...I mostly nurse him and sometimes he watches, hasn't started making a lot of noise yet.

So...any ideas for making this work smoothly. They are 5 week classes, so possibly when he is older and in the crawling stage , I may need to back out of classes....or would it be easier?
Any ideas would be great.
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Sounds like you already have it wired to me.

Sling and booby until crawling starts. When crawling starts bring a pack n' play with lots of snacks and some favorite toys and books. I also used a back pack more when she started sitting upright - that way they can see what's going on more and they are more entertained.

It's a short class so it sounds totally doable.
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