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I need to make some money and get rid of some things so my family can move! See if there is anything you are interested in and contact me. All prices are negotiable; if you think my asking price is too high, make an offer. With all items, shipping is extra-- I will take the box to the post office and get actual shipping costs so you don't over-pay. This has got to get taken care of soon, like in the next two weeks so I can have my garage sale and/or pack the stuff up for donation. If you are interested, remember I need to COMPLETE the transaction in less than two weeks. I can do Paypal (email me BEFORE you do this, so I can tell you what email addy to go through), check, money order, cash...

If you want pictures, contact me and I'll email them to you-- I don't have the time (twins!) to upload all the pictures.


-- White leather VOLATILE platform sneakers with glittery American flag-esque design on the side. Women?s size 10. Never worn (they were a touch too big). $15

-- Black suede VOLATILE platform slides (look kind of like moccasins). Women?s size 10. Worn maybe once. $12

-- Natural "rope" strappy platform sandals, by L.E.I. Brand new, never worn. Size 8. $12


-- Five 16 gauge CBRs with hematite beads. 7/16 diameter. $2.50 apiece.

-- PAIR of 16 gauge CBRs with black beads. 7/16 diameter. $5 for the set.

-- 16 gauge flatback labret stud. $5


-- 56 Medela CSF bags $3.50

-- BREAST PUMP: The First Years manual pump, brand new, never used (I took it out and put it together and washed it), works just like the Avent Isis, just without the pad that the Isis has. Comes with two 5 ounce containers to store breastmilk. I still have the box that it came in. $15


-- 18 contoured (hourglass shaped) diapers. Terry on one side, soft flannel on the other, in great condition, a few have some slight staining, but that is to be expected, given their purpose!

I've got more I need to post, but right now, two hungry babies are calling for some boobie juice.
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