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we are looking at heading to Kansas to my grandma's any minute. She has not been doing so well and I need to be ready to leave in qucikly. Everyone there loves to ohh and ahh over my diapers so I like to usally take a good bit. And I am thinking with everything that is going on with my grandma I will be focused on that and won't be doing laundry that often. So I do need to take quite a bit. What do you all find the easiest to travel with this is what I have in my stash

5- Loveybums
4- Fireflies
2- Sugarpeas OC SS
2-Sugarplum Babies
1- Cuddlebuns (little fishy)
1- Little Fishy
1- Beccabottom

5- Very Baby
1- Little Fishy

7- FB
2- HH
2- swaddlebees

1- bummis
1- Mudpie
1- Sugarpea Merino Wool

1- Crankypants Pants
2- BMJ pants
1- MM pants (off TP hope will show up any day)
3- Ky Baby Knits shorts
1- Righteous Baby Woolie Pullie shorts
2- GMWW shorts
1- Got Ewe Covered shorts
1- BBSS shorts
1- WW shorts
1- BMJ shorts
1- KIYP soaker
1- GMWW soaker
2- BMJ soaker

Prefolds: well we have a ton!!!!

I think this is all of it my mind isn't really with it this morning.

please help me out i have so much other stuff on my mind packing my diaper stash is so far from it. But I know when i get there everyone will be so disappointed if I just bring one style. Maybe I can find a suitcase large enough and just pack the whole stash. LOL

Thanks mamas

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May I suggest putting it all in a space bag and suck out the air it will compact it and you can get it into a smaller bag. I love those things I have all the newborn stash in one under the crib.

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Oh that sounds like a great idea since I don't really know how long i will be there. maybe i can buy a lot and pack my whole suitcase that way. since I am traveling by myself with two kids. A little amount of luggage would be great.
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