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the plumber is coming on monday (200$) and we need new tires for the car and overall i am feeling short on $$. Would prefer funded paypal. But am looking for fabric for making my dh some PJs and toys for my 1 yo.

Books all in excellent condition....sent em over to ebay

I have 6 HB pocket diapers I made. They are MM 300 wt fleece outer, microfleece inner. I would guess they are about a size medium. I can measure the rise, waist, etc and send some photos if you need. They are gender neutral (teal green outer, white inner) and have been used about 3 months. I made them and then dd decided to grow. I'd like to get $4 ppd each, which is about what the materials cost me.
13 inch rise, 13.5 inch width w/out tabs (~5 inches of tabs), 5.5 inches at crotch

6 well worn, size small fuzibunz. They are the seconds that have the print inside out, all the snaps are in good condition. They would make a great swim diaper or if you wanted to have some pocket dipes on hand for a babysitter or whatever. $3.00 ppd each all 6 for $15ppd.

Feeding related:
avent disposable bag-bottle. never used, just washed $3.00 ppd

2 sippy cup lids for avent bottles. 0-3 mo size. $2.00 ppd

8 medela nursing pads, used and washed often. $2.00 ppd

email or Pm me
kristin emigh (no spaces)

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safe baby feeder. one of those things that has a mesh bag at one end and you put food in it and baby eats through the mesh bag. works great. my dd moved on to real solid food much faster than i expected. $3.00 ppd
I'll take it! PM the details. Thanks!
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