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Originally Posted by tyedyedeyes
Now, tommorrow, I am planning on going to the zoo again with him and my best friend, her DS and 5 month old DD, and I really want to take my 6 month old DNeice...(I miss having a baby in the sling, and I think she would really enjoy it) but I'm skeptical on taking my DS at all!! Other MDC moms are planning on meeting up with us, so the last thing I need is not only to not be able to enjoy the zoo with my DS, and my friend et al., but also look like a horrid mother in front of everyone else and their beautiful children because I'm chasing around and yelling after my DS that just refuses to stay close.

The last time we were there my best friend also ran after my DS and ended up trying to help get him to stay close...I felt like I was a failure and at the end of my rope.
My ds isn't very physically bold, as he walked late and all. So I haven't BTDT. I do want to say that you should never feel embarassed about your parenting because your child is physically adept and courageous. It's normal for his age not to know what's safe and what's not, and it's a testimony to you making him feel secure that he's willing to run giggling here and there. (To security and to physical ability!)

My guess is that the zoo is enough of a distraction to keep the running to a minimum, but it's also a child-friendly place that shouldn't have too many opportunities for running in front of cars, heaven forbid. I would bring a stroller to take him from the car through the parking lot to the main gate, and then park the stroller at the coat check area or whatever they have. (I always carry ds from the car.) Also, get him a helium balloon and tie it to his clothes. Is that crazy? I just have the idea that he might be fascinated and thereby slowed down.
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