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Help me put these fabrics together to make a fitted

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Ok, I've made a couple of pocket diapers (and one fitted from flannel only). So I have a little diaper sewing experience, but need a little advice on how to construct a fitted.

Here's what I have on hand (but I don't have to use all these fabrics on one diaper):
Organic short velour
Natural sherpa
Cotton flannel

I want to make a fitted w/ an external soaker. I don't have a
serger so I'll be turning & topstitching and using Aplix for closure.

What would you use as the diaper body layers and inner of the
diaper? Then what about the soaker layers and top soaker layer?
How many layers of each fabric?

Thanks so much for the help!
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Sherpa outer, velour inner (put a hidden layer of flannel for more absorbency). Soaker- sherpa topped with velour.

You could also sandwich some microfiber in the soaker, just make sure it doesn't touch the baby's skin.
I've made most of my diapers flannel outer, velour inner. One layer of microfiber as an internal soaker, and another microfiber layer sandwiched between one layer of velour and one layer of the outer flannel as a quick dry external soaker.

They turn out cute that way, and I loooove the feel of the velour! So soft and squishy! They seem pretty absorbant too, but I've only tested them with water...since I have a few months before I can try them on a babe
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