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help me recognize this diaper.

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I have a diaper I like, but I don't know where it's from.
It's a fitted, ov, side snapping, it has leg casing, T&T crotch and serged waist.
Anyone knows what it is?
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hmmm....the only thing I have had like that was a tinkle traps fitted? it was serged around the back waist, but t&t around the front waist....
No. I'm pretty sure it's not tinkle traps. The front part has elastic, not flat.

Here's a pic!
that's a nice diaper! It reminds me a lot of a Fussybutt, except for the front elastic. I don't really know anybody else that makes diapers like that...sorry!
Do you have an inside pic? It is a lovely diaper.
Looks like a dipe from Sherry at Natural Simplicity. She's one of the few WAHMs that combined serging and T&T and the only one I know of that used the leg gussets like that. She went out of business and then Tammy of Tinkle Traps bought the pattern. I have a pic somewhere of one of her dipes. I'll see if I can find it. HTH.

ETA pic: compared to an El be
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Yup. I asked Tammy from Tinkle Traps, and she said it is Natural Simplicity. Oh well, I guess I'll just buy tinkletraps next time, they're kinda similar, anyway.
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