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help me return to a TV free lifestyle

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Up untill 4 months ago when DS2 came along our DS1 was almost compleatly TV free. about once or twice a month we might watch a dvd or video together as a family. Now DS1 is watching daily
: and I can stand it. We don't have cable or even the reception so I have total control over content but it has GOT TO GO. Does anyone have some suggestions for weaning from the OPIATE OF THE MASSES. Putting the TV in the garage is not an option as we live communaly(sp?) and I have been vetoed......Now that DS knows what the TV is for HE IS ADDICTED and will often choose it over playing with me
. How do you get stuff done w/o TV, it seems in just 4 months I have totaly forgotten how...
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What worked for us in that situation is to instead of simply putting TV off limits, to play up the communal nature of TV watching.

So we have Movie Saturday night. We get pizza, the two kids take turns picking a movie, we ALL sit down and watch it. And the rest of the time? It's just off. It's not movie night after all :LOL
I am going to try that
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