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help me spend my money! i want new prefolds.

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i am using bummis right now. pfs and wraps. i really like them but they are not wide enough and now too small. DD2 is 4 mo old and about 14 lbs. she as chunky little legs but i think she will thin out like her sister did. i love the absorbency of the bummis. they are real thirsty.

i want to buy new pfs. larger. i use snappis. i want something thirsty and easy on the budget and cotton. what do you all think? i have seen some references to GMDs and LLs. and what covers do you use?
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I started out with Bummis too then branched out. I really like GMD Indian prefolds they are great. Those are the only prefolds that I have used other than what came with the Bummis kit. I am getting ready to try some of GMD flats because DD grew out of the brown edge prefolds and I don't want to spend the money on a ton of XL toddler green edge ones. I definitely recommend the GMD though, they have good absorbency and the prefolds you have now will make excellent doublers when/if needed!
I think Little Lions prefolds are very budget friendly, though they do not have the variety of sizes that Green Mountain has. Both seem to be good as far as absorbency as long as you are comparing the same layering (4x8x4 instead of 4x6x4).
I second the Green Mountain Diaper prefolds. They are very absorbant and soft and quilty. I have the new unbleached Indian cotton ones. I bought the ones that were on sale that had some corner frays- but I have been washing them and using them for over a month I see no fraying. I think it's $24 for a dozen. The sale is only for the red edges- but that should fit your 14 lb. baby
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the infant (8-15lb) bummis pfs are toosmall. they show her crack and barely come together on the sides. def need bigger ones. i looked at the bigger bummis pf at a local store and they are longer but not much wider. i am glad to hear everybodies opinions. i can only do this once and want to get the right thing. thanks!
i've read that getting the larger snappi can help with width issues
i have some of them too, but even with spreading out the front it is to small. the snappi stertchy part make red marks on her skin. so i have gone to trifolding while i wait for my new GMD pfs to arrive. then all i need is some bigger wraps and i am good to go.
My favorite covers are Thirsties. I like the Duo wraps pretty well and my ds2 started fitting in the size two at around 15 lbs even though they say 18 lbs. I also like their original cover and have found that my ds1 never outgrew the medium and he is PT'ing and the medium fits my now 6 mo. old, too.
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I havent been able to try the GMD ones (they dont ship internationally). But I have the Diaper Rite and they are GREAT! I hated prefolds til I tried these. Prefolds are still not my fav, but now at least I can actually get them to work really well. All the others I've tried arent cut right and were never wide enough. My chubby DD still fits the size small (next up from the newborn) and she's 7 months! I think they may be cheaper than the GMD too but Im not certain.
I am still trifolding indian infant pfs (8-15lb) on my fat 18.5 lb 3 month old. They would not come close to snappy-ing but are so absorbate! I am happy they are working so well and I have no extra bulk, not to mention I am not spending the $$ right now. When I do decide we need to get more, I think I will go with GMD or diaper rite that are sized more wide vs long. Right now the pf and a thin doubler do not leak after 11 hrs at night, so we are all good.
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i want to be able to snsppi them bc otherwise i get nb poop on my covers. then i go through them all in one day.
Diaper Junction has free shipping right now!!!

I was not going to go up a size yet on my prefolds, but dd got a rash this weekend and made me realize that I would like to snappy without a cover in times like this. I went to and they have free shipping til tomorrow. They have the niced sized pfs priced way better than GMD considering the free shipping!
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