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help me switch dd 2 1/2 to cloth

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My new babay is in cloth and my first dd is only in dipes at nap (when she naps) and bed time. I tried putting her in a wonderoo one size pocket dipe but it was too bulky she said (compared to disposables). She nurses a ton at night and for the past two nites has soaked through a dispoable (whew!), I think she'd go for a fitted and a cover. B/c her sis wears covers and a fitted would be similar to disposables. What will be absorbant enough? What wont bother her with bulk? Can I make this happen? I figure I've go another year till she's diaper free so its worth it, but will she go for it? Any suggestions or similar experiences would be great to hear. thanks mamas!
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Hi, we did almost the same thing recently. DD #1 is out of diapers. DD#2 was just under 2yo and I was 6mo pregnant w/ DD#3. DDs #2 and #3 are both in cloth full time now. We have had pretty good luck with the indisposables we bought used off of ebay. They are very thick and absorbant, but yet, fairly trim. Sometimes with an extra soaker in it, if she has had an extra lot to drink that evening. Hope this helps!
Precious Coverings nighttime and Firefly Sleeptights are good, absorbent nighttime fitteds. Ecobaby nighttime is a less expensive possibility.
thanks mamas, are these all all in ones?
None of the ones I mentioned are AIOs.
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fireflys look good but site says "no idea when medium and large will be back in stock?" puleeeze?
^^^Look on the Tp...I know I saw a few FireFlys fs this week...I know because I wanted some
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