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Help me to nurse while lying down

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I can't do it! I can't get my nipple into DDs mouth. I'm fairly small chested (about a B/small C) right now and it just doesn't line up right. She keeps pulling off and gets fussy until I sit up and nurse her cross-cradle like I do during the day. I'm tired ~ I'd love to nurse her lying down since we're co-sleeping anyway. Having to sit up, prop pillows, etc. to nurse at night kind of defeats one of the big perks of co-sleeping, KWIM?
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I used to either put my hand under my breast & lift/elevate it to the right spot for my dd to get the nipple where she needed it, or I'd kind of roll up or down a little so that things were aligned right. (i.e. - lay on your side, but rolled a little toward your back if you need the nipple higher up, or lay on your side, but roll a little toward your stomach if you need the nipple down further.) You may not be able to fall asleep while nursing like this, but at least it is more restful than sitting up.
I'm overly well-endowed, and I had this same problem when DD was a newborn. Finally, we just got it to work when she was about 3 months old. It seemed like she just developed a stronger latch at that point.

I agree with Crista N - it seemed like I had to experiment with how far I turned over to get the nipple in exactly the right place.

I can't nurse laying down either.
My baby is only 3 weeks old though. I hope as he gets older we can figuare it out. I can get him to latch on one breast sometimes but he doesn't nurse very long on it. I can't get him latched on the other side at all.
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I thought I only had this problem because of my breast reduction! Well I couldn't nurse laying down at first either, but I kept trying and am able to do it now.

At first I would have to position my breast just so for him, but it seems like after a few weeks he must have gotten the hang of it, because I still have to position my breast, but after he latches on, I can *usually* let go and fall asleep.

We don't officially co-sleep, but he wakes up several times a night and usually ends up in our bed at some point in the early morning (and I nap with him when I can).
It took us a while to get the hang of it, too.
Just lay down, relax, and see what works for you. We never did the whole "prop your baby with a pillow, support your back with a pillow, etc.." thing that the books recomended. We just lay there. I think what finally did it for us was that DS finally got the head controll to kind of find a position that was comfy for him, and still allowed him to stay attached. KWIM?

Good luck!
I'm small too, and it was definitely more difficult at the beginning, although we somehow managed to do it. I think I used to hold dd's head in my hand and put a pillow behind her to keep her belly to belly with me. As they get bigger, they do more of the work of seeking the breast and staying latched on. Now I could be doing cartwheels, and dd would still find a way to latch on and stay latched!
I'm pretty large-breasted, and I found it difficult to nurse lying down for about two months. Now, though, I love it!
We cosleep as well, and I barely have to wake up to latch on my daughter (born March 6/04). Like anything else with breastfeeding, practice makes perfect! Keep trying!
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my son loves to nurse with me laying down and him leaning against my side on his knees.hmm, that sounds clear as

Nursing while laying on your side does that a bit of getting used to. You have to find the *perfect* spot.
When DS was nursing in the begining I found it hard to nurse him on the breast that was next to the bed.....i started laying him on my body pillow and nursing him on the top breast (kinda hard to describe). I was laying on my left side but he was nursing on my right and we would switch sides as needed. Sounds kinda strange I know but once I got the routine established I removed the pillow around 3 months when he began latching on better/tighter. Although nursing never went past 3 1/2 months it worked for us.
I still have some difficulty with my son and we have been doing it since he was born. Funny cause it is harder for us now than it was then. Getting into just the right position where his nose does not get buried is tricky. I think it is because he hates to have my arm under his head anymore.
I couldn't nurse laying down until DS was about 6 weeks old, and then it was with my arm under his head to lift it up to breast level. I'm a D cup. After a few months like that, I was able to do it without putting my arm under his head. Then it was smooth sailing.
I have just lately been able to do this and ds is 18 months... I am small too and I had to rotate myself back into an uncomfy position for my breast to reach his mouth. I stopped even trying for a long time til one day recently I was just so tired, I tried again. I had to hold ds with his head on my arm as in the cradle hold, and let his body lay next to/on top of mine. I put a pillow or blanket under my arm to raise him to nipple level. I actually end up mostly on my back, resting against my body pillow behind me. I still haven't figured out the switching sides thing though...
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When I finally got the hang of nursing lying down it was because I put my arm under my daughter's head, which gave me more control of her head since it was all over the place while her little mouth was searching for the nipple and with my free hand I could guide the breast. It does take practice, but ahh the relief when you aren't up and down like a yo-yo(or like an old man on viagra, as my husband likes to say...)

Hang in there!
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I wasn't able to BF lying down until DS was around 8-10 weeks old. First I would put him on a firm pillow and nurse the top side (I'm not large) at that age he only nursed one side. Nowadays 4-6 mos or so he prefers to lie on the mattress, no arm under the head, and nurse the bottom side. I tried the near-yoga-move of leaning over to nurse the top side but would end up with weird back and neckaches in the a.m.
Usually when he wakes to eat I just reach out, do the bear-hug, roll over with him and feed to switch sides.
I am glad I kept trying since it didn't work out at first. I hate nodding out at night while having to sit up!
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