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Help me with a costume

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I am not the most creative person and you guys are way better then me so I'm asking for help.

My DD needs to dress up as Albert Einstien for a Famous American tea party. I need ideas on how to do this. My biggest issue is the hair. I can't afford to buy anything, so I'm figuring wwe will have to make it.

Any ideas?

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Hmmm... some fiberfilling, like for a pillow, wet with some thinned glue, shape it....glue to a well fitting hat, and when dry paint it????? Sounds like it would work.
Have you tried the FAMILY FUN magazine website yet?

They have great craft/costume ideas.

How about just using plain cotton balls, pulling them apart/out and building it up on her head.

What a cute idea! (the costume)
Those are defiantely good ideas. Thank you! Last night when I was griping to a friend about this project she got all excited because her teenaged DDs collect costume stuff. She had the perfect wig and mustache.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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