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My niece is having a baby and I'm helping her with her list. I've got all the essentials, but I'm probably forgetting things, especially clothing items.<br>
She is registering at Target. She will be a single Mother. I am steering her a way from the useless stuff but want to help her make a good list so she will be well stocked the first year.<br><br>
So, what's your favorite baby clothing/gear that is found at Target?<br><br>
I'll be buying her a Moby.

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Target is a great choice! Here are some of our favorites...<br>
1. Multipack white Gerber kimono tops -DD lived in these, diaper, and blankie for the first 4-5 weeks.<br>
2. Mitts -DD scratched her face really bad everyday (seemed like) for 4 months!<br>
3. Car seat mirror<br>
4. Footed PJ/playwear - they have so many cute ones there!<br>
5. Hooded bath towels

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I second the kimono top rec. Also, a small lamp with a dim pink or red bulb for middle of night changing/feeding.

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will she be breastfeeding? the nursing tanks at target are the best.<br>
also, if she's cloth diapering, they have FB's and BG's in the online store.<br>
They have glass bottles, and also medela PIS pumps, if she's doing that.<br>
Other little things- a bottle brush.. car seats-- they have britax and other ones that are good.. a high chair, a bouncy seat...<br>
clings or shades for the car windows..<br>
clothing for the baby-- i'd register for bigger clothing.. that's hard to do b/c it seems like they really only have seasonal items. people tend to give lots of newborn to 3 mo sizes and then not much for when the babe is bigger.<br>
i've found the cooolest tshirts at target- star wars, etc. be on the lookout for those- they are, i think, usually 12 mo sizes, but dd can wear hers and did since she was about 4 mo. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile">

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The gerber cloth diapers to be used as burp cloths. Those are the best as far as being absorbent. Also, if they get too nasty you can just toss them, since they are fairly cheap.

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Target's a good choice, I agree.<br><br>
If she's breastfeeding, they have a good selection of pumps AND nursing bras/tanks (Mine were October/November babies, and I lived in a Tank+Cardigan all winter long, even at night.) We went through trial and error figuring out which bottles and pacis mine would take, though, so that might be hard to register for (I'd suggest taking whatever bottle/nipple she plans to use to the hospital, even if she's breastfeeding, just in case they want to supplement - that way the babe doesn't get used to a nipple that'll ruin his latch too badly.)<br><br>
I guess things are a little different with twins, but I hate to admit that I need all of the random "baby holding devices," but I got mine all used/handmedown. I didn't register for any of them, except the pack n play, which I also find totally necessary. I'd reserve your "big registry items" for a good carseat.<br><br>
A white noise device of any sort helped us. (We used the fan only setting on a space heater, but lots of people use CDs which I'm sure Target has, too.) A humidifier might serve a dual purpose for this?<br><br>
Target's website also has some cloth diapering stuff on it, if she's interested in trying that. Some people can find them in stores, but not around me anyway. No one I know ordered anything online for me, though, so watch out for that.<br><br>
Mine lived in gerber sleepers all winter, and we went through a TON of them with a refluxy/spitty baby. So keep that in mind. We use All free and clear detergent, since Dreft has fragrance (WTF, right?) California baby fragrance free soap and Eucerine lotion. They also have dye-free store brand meds like mylicon and whatnot that are nice.<br><br>
No socks. Gerber socks might be less than useless. Again, with the footie sleepers for a winter baby.

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Definitely a white noise machine.<br><br>
I suggest she register more for the *type* of clothes she wants, rather than the exact things. I mean, I'm not saying she can't register for exact items, but I can tell you that I didn't get a single piece of clothing that I registered for. But, the people who really paid attention to my registry noticed that I didn't register for anything pink at all. But the clothes available change so much, and can be difficult to find at the actual store, that most people just buy what they think is cute, anyhow.<br><br>
Definitely lots of prefolds, even if she's not doing cloth diapering. If she's not, then just go with the cheap gerber "cloth diapers" or whatever. But if we hadn't had a TON of prefolds for CDing things would be a lot messier around here. We keep one under her butt on the changing table and one under her face. One under her butt in the crib. One in the living room for spit ups. One in the nursery next to the glider. one in the bed. Etc etc. They are probably my most useful piece of baby gear!<br><br>
Different types of pacifiers. Not all babies like the same, so it's good to have a variety if she plans to use them.

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We don't have any bouncers, exersaucer etc, I found them huge and didn't need them. Others love them. And you can find a lot of them used and I prefer reusung then buying new, but that would be anti-registry <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="wink1"> And most things are kind of unnecessary anyways. But those are my thoughts:<br><br>
A lot of people like baby bath tubs, we just used the sink or a huge stock pot and now the bath tub. But maybe some hooded baby towls?<br><br>
Some bedding, a waterproof cover for the mattress, we got a woolen one, which is great.<br><br>
A high chair or booster seat. Some baby spoons/plates could be for feeding and to play with.<br><br>
A baby monitor if she has a large house.<br><br>
A diaper bag.<br><br>
A rattle, some blocks, baby toys <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile"><br><br>
A car seat.<br><br>
Baby gates in case she has stairs might be useful as well.<br><br>
Some people like bobby pillows, I found them too small (I am relatively tall).<br><br>
Do they have books at target? I found reading and nursing in the first weeks a nice thing to do, or listening to books on tape while nursing.<br><br>
Some white noise or a fan or a mobile.

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I always try to include clothing that is used past the initial 0-3 mo. I know that we had TONS of newborn clothes and nothing past 3mo.<br><br>
How about baby household items:<br><br>
night lights<br>
baby gates/safety proofing items<br>
grooming items (baby bulb,tweezers,brush)<br>
toiletries (soaps,shampoos,lotions)<br>
baby spoons<br>
baby bowls,cups<br>
baby toys (I've seen a more natural toy line at target recently)<br><br>
if she is using disp. diapers definately add brand preference. I know if a friend has those on their registry I try to get at least a pack for them<br><br>
register for gift cards. I've seen this lots and is helpful to spread the cost of things over a few months.

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I don't know Target but I'm going to give my list and hope they have them there. I'm assuming she's breastfeeding.<br><br><br>
My Brest Friend pillow<br>
Nursing bras and disposable breast pads<br>
Lots of receiving blankets or flat diapers<br>
Some kind of swaddling blanket<br>
Cloth diapers or a stock of disposables<br>
Changing mat<br>
Baby nail clippers, thermometer, brush, etc<br>
Baby monitor - I recommend digital<br>
5 0-3 month sleepers<br>
5 0-3 onesies<br>
Somewhere for the baby to sleep and bedding<br>
Car seat<br>
Lightweight stroller<br>
Booster chair with tray<br>
Bibs, facecloths, spoons, bowls, etc<br>
Bathtub seat for when babe is sitting<br>
Gift cards for seasonal, gender appropriate clothes<br><br><br>
Since she will be on her own it's probably good to have some kind of baby containment for showering, cooking, etc. We got a pack and play because it made a good travel bed. We still use it as such and he is 3!<br><br>
I didn't put pump and bottles because she may not need them but that would be where the gift cards would come in handy for an emergency purchase.

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DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT register for ANY BABY CLOTHES. For any reason. Does nobody remember how many baby clothes you get at a baby shower??? Especially 0-3 month sizes? No no no... whatever you do, do not register for baby clothes, baby hats, baby socks, or receiving blankets. You will be drowning in them, no matter what, and you don't need to encourage the flood to be any bigger than it must be.<br><br>
We kept our Target registry quite small, so that when people got there and saw that we didn't have much on the registry, they just bought us gift cards, which we could then use to buy groceries later. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile"> This worked out beautifully for us.<br><br>
Good things at Target to register for:<br>
- breast pump<br>
- breast milk storage bags, milk cooler bag, glass or BPA-free plastic bottles and lots of #1 nipples (if she's going to be nursing and pumping, she'll want to use the newborn size bottle nipples for a long time, so she'll want extras).<br>
- BumGenius or FuzziBunz diapers (register for 24-30 diapers)<br>
- nursing tanks (they really are great there)<br>
- did I mention NO BABY CLOTHES??? Or socks??? A couple of pairs of the Target brand Robeez knockoffs are probably a good idea, though.<br>
- California Baby diaper cream, baby wash, etc. Or Burt's Bees, I guess. They have other more natural kinds of baby creams, too.<br>
- a big swaddling blanket if they carry them (do they have the Miracle Blanket in their online store?)<br>
- a baby scale is sort of a fun thing to have - we really like ours, even if it doesn't get much use<br>
- definitely a good digital monitor (Graco makes a really excellent one)<br>
- toddler stuff: bibs, spoons, sippie cups, teethers, etc.<br><br>
Good luck!!!

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hahah, i have to agree. i didn't have a registry at all EXCEPT for cloth diapers, and did anyone get me ANY diapers? no, no they did not. i did get lots of cute outfits and blankets though.<br><br>

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i forgot they sell baby legs at target! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile">

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Speaking from my experience just registering at target and BRU. If you register for the off the rack clothes it's VERY hard to figure out what was asked for. Dh and I spent a long time picking clothes and all of them just are listed as 'seasonal' or a vague discription. The packs of stuff are easy to figure out though.<br><br>
What we picked from Target...<br><br>
mini crib pack and play thing<br>
snap front shirts<br>
packs of pants<br>
baby monitor<br>
nursing pads<br>
nursing cream<br>
nail clippers<br>
all laundry soap free & clear<br>
ca baby bath<br>
clock for baby room<br>
disposable changing pads<br><br><br>
From bru<br><br>
glass bottles, 2 small 2 large<br>
wipe warmer that's cloth wipe compatible<br>
more nursing pads and cream<br>
two pacis<br>
crib sheets for crib and mini crib<br>
mirror to see baby in car<br>
car window shade<br>
all sorts of padding for carseat<br>
baby pack for Dh<br>
ca baby wash<br>
Teddy bear that was sooo cute<br>
bouncy chair<br>
waterproof crib cover<br>
What we skipped all together<br><br>
baby bath: it seems huge and I think i'd prefer a mesh sling<br>
qtips/cotton balls: no need<br>
socks: I think I'll get a few pairs on my own and then get more when I see what type stays on<br>
sposie's: I know I'll have a full pack minus 6 from the baby shower so I think that'll be enough as we get the hang of cloth<br>
cloth wipes: dh's gramma made us a ton.

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<div style="font-style:italic;">DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT register for ANY BABY CLOTHES. For any reason. Does nobody remember how many baby clothes you get at a baby shower??? Especially 0-3 month sizes? No no no... whatever you do, do not register for baby clothes, baby hats, baby socks, or receiving blankets. You will be drowning in them, no matter what, and you don't need to encourage the flood to be any bigger than it must be.</div>
I concur. And I had a boy. My best fried recently had a girl. She got triple what I did and handmedowns!!
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