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Help me with fleece/windpro!!

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I had gotten some Patchwork Pixie fleece AIO's that I absolutely loved until my dd lost weight in her legs when she started walking. So, I tried making my own. They fit great, but they are leaking right through. I bought windpro from other people, so I can only assume it's windpro. One that I have is thin; another is very thick. I'm using either microfleece or suedecloth for the inners. I added 3 layers of birdseye in between the layers. Then I made a snap in soaker pad of 2 layers hemp fleece and a top layer of matching inner I used for the diaper. I only made 5 so I could make sure they worked. What am I doing wrong? Could it be that what I got as windpro isn't really windpro??
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Sounds like your Windpro might not actually be Windpro. I just made my first fleece cover with lightweight Windpro as an outer and microfleece as an inner. It seems to be pretty bulletproof. I had a pretty wet fitted diaper under it and didn't feel any dampness. The Windpro I have feels rather different than regular fleece. It is smoother and denser - almost a suede sort of feeling - not as fluffy as 200 or 300 weight. What does your's feel like?
well, the thick lilac one is definitely fluffy feeling. The thin blue one isn't as fluffy as microfleece, but not as smooth as the suedecloth. And then I got some from a lady on ebay where one side is kind of smooth and one side is fluffy.
You probably didn't do this, but I did once
so maybe it will help you figure it out. Is the whole diaper soaked or are you just getting leaks because if it is leaks and alot of the soaker is still dry you might have put regular fleece as your inner. I did that on an AIO. I just cut off the fleece with an exacto knife and now it works great!
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I have heavy weight windpro that is smooth and dense on one side and really nubby on the other. Could you have some heavy weight windpro? The lightweight windpro is only a little heavier than microfleece, but it is so much denser and smoother - like suede is the only way I can describe it. Like the previous person suggested, is your soaker really wet or is it possible you used regular fleece as the lining and it is repelling rather than wicking the moisture to the absorbant inside? If it is repelling and running out the leg holes or something, your inside fleece could be the problem.
It's actually leaking right through the diaper. How can I tell microfleece from regular fleece, then? Which side of the windpro should face out--the smoother side or the fluffy side? Maybe that's what I'm doing wrong.
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