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A friend wants to give Muffin a baby shower (shocking considering Muffin is our fourth), and asked me to give her some websites and details for diaper stuff I would use. She admits to knowing nothing about real diapers and until she met my Moose would have bought the gerber prefolds and covers for anyone wanting cloth.

My problem is, even tho I've been stocking up on small fluff, it's nearly all come from the TP or ebay! The custom "born at home" OC/OV fitteds, and two Very Baby fitteds from ebay are the only brand new things in Muffin's stash so far :LOL I like hyenacart, but to someone unfamiliar with fluff that's gotta be an intimidating place.

Where can I send her that's simple and has variety, yet not so pricey to scare anyone off? I'd like to give her several options so they have choices. We do a hodge podge of everything with Moose, mostly wool and fitteds but we enjoy pockets and AIOs too.

And, what would you list as a "need"? Muffin already has 6 newborn fitteds, 18 small fitteds, handfull of wool, 4 FB, and half a dozen small AIOs. I plan to mention small and medium wool at least.

I feel weird designing my own gift list :LOL
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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