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Help me with the hip carry!

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I don't know what my problem is, I carried my older dd on my hip all the time without any trouble but I'm having trouble this time around! I used an OTSBH with dd #1--in addition to being waaaay to hot for NC summers, I feel like my dd is always flopping way out. So I got a hotsling--which I think may not be the best for someone as buxom as me, it's better but not that comfortable. So I tried a friend's old Maya Wrap Sling and I can get her in there pretty snug, but I don't find the shoulder that comfortable.

I'd been considering a Wise Woman sling but I'm feeling frustrated with trying all these carriers that aren't working! I use my Kozy all the time but I really need something more poppable for when we're out and about. And coolness is definitely a big consideration.


BTW, my dd is 7 months old and about 16 lbs.

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Hm, on the MW, Make sure the shoulder flap is open and that that edge is the bottom edge all the way across your back (if wearing on the right shoulder). this is a great troubleshooting site for the MW.

On the Hotsling, make sure you put the curved seam at your hip. With either sling, make sure the bottom edge of the fabric is at the back of the baby's knees, with thighs up parallel to the floor at your waist, but sitting down into the sling, slightly lower than the knees. Also, in the Hotsling, flipping the top edge of the fabric out and down over the ball of your shoulder can help tighten the top rail. Make sure that top edge is up to at least the baby's armpits, or over the shoulders on a younger baby. HTH!
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