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Help me witht he name of my buidness

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Okay, I am going to start making fliers for my doula services. I need a name and a catchy phrase (maybe).
I really love Bella Luna Mama or Luna Mama or Bella Luna. Moon, womyn, mama,beautiful- I like those themes. Goddess is even good.'
Eventually, when I get my CPM, I am going to make it a midwifeyr buisness, hopefully with a partner, but if not, I'll deal.
Any catch phrases would be much appreciated too. And if you have any buisness advice, I'd love that!!!!
So can you help me out, wise womyn?
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Well, I am not particularly creative, and I'm in a really mainstream town, so my business is called Labor With Me. Before I came up with the name I made sure the address was available for a webpage -- I use -- so that I could have that as an email address, etc. So I suggest you do that first. If you're in a progressive town, I like Bella Luna Mamas but if you're in a more mainstream town, stick with something that causes people to think of labor, birth, babies, etc.
I like "Bella Luna Labor Support" or "Bella Luna Doula" but those might not translate into midwifery care very well. Maybe "Bella Luna Birth Services"??

I agree with doulaandmom about the domain name thing. Except I recommend (the prices are waaaaay cheaper).
How about Bella Luna Birth? This would easily transfer to midwifery, and you would already have the the name recognition from your doula buisness. I think it is a beautiful name, and as far as being more main stream, well my feeling is that you have to be who you are and the mamas that are attracted to you will be happy with that. No sense trying to be someone you are not, and there are plenty of mainstream doulas, but you will be the only Bella Luna doula!
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When I was naming my business, I too kept in mind that my doula and CBE business name would most likely stay the same if I decided to go further with midwifery. Birth (or childbirth in my case) is one good word that ties them all in together.
How about:

"Baby Bella Birth Services"

and you can have a "logo" that incorporates the goddess/womyn, etc... like:
"Laboring the Goddess within every womyn"

I dunno....brainstorming here.....
Wow! I knew I'd find the help I needed here ( I even thought I could get a good answer from DP
I love the Bella Luna Birth services! I think I'll use that.
And then I really like the Laboring the Goddess Within Every Womyn!!! I was gonna use "Peace on Earth Begins With Birth" Maybe I'll use both and give the more conservative clients the Peace on earth card and the goddess one to the clients who are not so conservative!
I am so happy! Thanks mamas!!!
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