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Hi Jamie. Thank you so much for your services.<br><br>
I'm struggling with a direct question, but here it goes: Why am I feeling so disappointed and sad lately? I have a feeling that it is my family, but why are the feelings so keen right now?<br><br>
I'm sorry if that's two questions, just disregard the second if it is.<br>

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Hello again <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile"><br>
The disappointment and sadness feels to me like it's coming from a dissatisfaction in your overall life. I get the impression that when you look around you sometimes think "well this isn't what I pictured it was going to look like" Although I do feel that you love parts of it, like your kids and other things. But overall, it's not what you expected and I think that you might feel that this isn't what you signed up for.<br>
I feel antsyness all over you. Like you are ready to do something you <span style="text-decoration:underline;">need</span> to do something different. In fact, this feeling is overwhelming me. It feels like unfulfilled potential that you know is there. An ache of something you wanted to and/or thought you would do in life, but haven't yet..or maybe places you want to travel too. Seriously, the feeling is overwhelming. It's as if you might just bolt out of your chair at any minute and run out the door without knowing where you are running to, but away.<br>
Not that I feel you desire to run away from your life altogether. I do think you would be more than happy to share these experiences your desiring with your loved ones, but however it needs to happen, it needs to happen now.<br><br>
So in the end, this feeling is so overwhelming, it's turned into sadness and disappointment b/c you can handle that better than feeling antsy. People are used to those emotions. But there;s nothing to do with antsy.<br><br>
Wow, that was a lot to say. It wouldn't stop coming. Hopefully that will give you some direction.<br><br><span style="color:#008000;">*Please remember that all questions are answered here on the forum only. I do not accept private pm's for more information on your question.*<br>
If you would like to leave me feedback, you can do so here:<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br>
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to help you.</span>
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