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I am a mom of twin boys. I am actively seeking to get legislation in the state of MI for parents of multiples to make the choice of placing their children in the same classroom or to separate them. Currently, in our state not every parent can make this decision for their children. Many children do well separated, however, there are others that may do much better academically & emotionally if placed in the same classroom.

Please take time to sign this petition. This will show public support for the
issue that parents of multiples should be able to make the decision for their
children to be in the same classroom or to be separated.
Please forward this on. Any US resident can sign. They do not need to be parents of multiples, or even from MI. Just need to support a parents choice in classroom placement.THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Please Forward this link to your family, friends & co-workers to help support this issue. Remember to tell them that any US resident can sign. Thanks.

Tanya Fischer
---if you have questions please email me.

[email protected]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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