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Help! Migraine will not GO AWAY!

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I am prone to migraines, it totally sucks and most of the time it is brought on by weather change or not wearing my glasses all the time like I am supposed to

It all starts by my vision going blurry and awful pains in my head right above my eyes. I usually take excedrin migraine for the pain in the beginning but the headache is still there for a couple days after, leaving me nauseous, dizzy, and just plain crappy feeling.

I want this to go away! Any ideas? Thanks!
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Do you eat a lot of soy products? One of my friends ate soy all the time (vegetarian) and suffered from chronic migraines and once she cut down and pretty much eliminated it from her diet, she had no more problems w/migraines. Also, do you drink a lot of water? I've heard ice water really helps. I know there's a couple other things that may help but I can't think of it at the moment. I'll post again when I remember. I know migraines aren't any fun so I hope you get over it asap!
I, too, suffer from migraines, although they went away when I was pregnant, and returned about 6 months ago. I have found the Excedrin Migraine works pretty well, although I am still bfing so don't use it yet. I was on Imitrex before being pregnant, but stopped taking it because I did not like the side effects it gave me. However, other people I have talked to did not have any side effects and said it worked well for them.
I've found a very interesting website that talks about nutrition and migraines. If the migraines occur only on one side of the head you can focus on some key nutrients and it clears it up. Works for me, but I only get right side migraines. They do talk about other types of migraines and causes, here is the site:
Have you tried seeing a chiropractor? The effect an adjustment has on my migraines is simply amazing--I had a bad one a couple of weeks ago, and after the adjustment, I was feeling much better when I walked out of the office. It wasn't compleley gone, but I was up and functional. I went back the next day for another adjustment and and was 100% fine after that.
Ditto the chiro, regular adjustments are a lifesaver! I am a nigttime tooth grinder & clench occasionally in the daytime, that can cause some nasty migraines.

I've had meningitis which started as "the worst migraine ever" & stayed that way for 2 weeks. Sine then, I've gone to the ER twice convinced that I had it again & just wanted to make sure it was viral & not bacterial, only to discover it was just an ocular migraine
, complete with light sensitivity & vomiting every 2 minutes (even had once while I was pg

Try a chiro, might take a few visits to see any relief - although I have had immediate relief once or twice when I go in with one. If I get one that is just intolerable, I take a percocet with a zofran beforehand so I don't vomit up the percocet.

Good luck!
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Ditto on the chiropractor. Mine has helped a lot. One of the things my chiro suggested, which has helped (some --as you know, sometimes, many things in conjunction help) is putting a cold cloth on back of neck, a cold cloth over eyes (to block out light as well) and a heating pad on your stomach with your hands on top of the heating pad. If you're like me, my circulation is really off when I have a migraine along with the terrible nauseousness. I hope you get to feeling better soon.
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Have you tried Magnesium supplements? It's worked for me as a preventative. If I stop taking them, my migraines return within a few weeks. I've heard it mainly helps with migraines associated with hormonal disruption - i.e. my migraines got really bad when I was pregnant.

Just the RDA amount of Mag. is enough. And taking calcium together with it.

Just google it and you'll find lots of info. If a migraine does hit though, I have to take a Fiorocet or two.
Acupuncture can help greatly with migraines.
Magnesium is very good for migraine sufferers ... I love the Natural Calm brand - it's a powdered magnesium (with some stevia and lemon & raspberry flavor) that you dissolve in hot water to make a "tea". Also, if you aren't pregnant (and maybe nursing ... can't remember), feverfew is another good preventative for migraines. Also, you can try Natrum Mat. homeopathic - I got two random migraines the other day and it definitely (combined with the magnesium) helped make them manageable and made me able to continue my life.
I take a homeopathic called Migraide by Boerick & Tafel. I suffered from migraines for years before even trying homeopathics. It works every time. I also find that my migraines are related to my sugar consumption.
I feel just awful posting this, since I always use natural remedies before resorting to extreme measures.

Since you mentioned the weather change, I find that mine are sometimes also related to this. My seasonal allergies seem to trigger migraines. When I feel that this is the case, I take a tylenol or excedrine (depending on the severity of the headache) and a sudafed simultaneously. It almost always works. My Dr. recommended trying this. That being said, you should consult a pharmacist or Dr before mixing the 2. I definitely don't want to feel responsible should you try it and have a reaction.

Hope you feel better soon!
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