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Help! Milk supply issues all of the sudden

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Hi everyone,

Harvest is 8 months old and since the beginning I have been one of those women with a HUGE milk supply. Seriously, I am always leaking and spraying all over the place. Harvest is quite the heffer.

Since yesterday I have been producing hardly any milk and my breasts are flat like pancakes. I have been drinking mothers milk tea, eating oats and drinking lots of water. Still nothing. I am so freaked out!!!!
ANY advice would be so appreciated.

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are you sick, or started a new medicine or herb for an unrelated reason? Did you start excercizing or do under some big new stress?

This happened to me when my 2nd was 7 months old, and looking back, I was dehyderated and sick, and had unknowingly taken cold medicine which may have supressed it as well.
How do you know you're not producing much? The breasts do settle down and when they do they often look flat compared to what you're used to.

good luck!

How do you know you aren't producing milk? Are you pumping? I know around 9 months my breasts stopped leaking and went back to their normal prepregnancy size. You may just be making what your baby needs now, with no extra.
I agree with pp. Have you had your AF yet? Is it possible you are having a dip because of that? Taking any new supplements?
PP have already asked about medications, diet and asked how you know you have ahad a dip in supply so... Are you pregnant? It seems like a sudden change and you didn't say you breasts are sore but pregnancy can cause a decrease in supply.
I dont think I am pregnant. I have not changed my diet or started taking any new herbs or medicine. Everything is the same as always.

The reason I know is that I have to pump occasionally for my class that I take and hardly anything is coming out. My breasts are all of the sudden flatter than pancakes and when I squeeze them hardly anything comes out.
I am very worried.
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I had two more quick thoughts. Some mothers do report an ebb in flow that matches up with their monthly cycle. Could this apply to you? Also, especially if most of his fluids and nutrition are still coming from you, keep an eye on Harvest's output. You wouldn't want him to get dehydrated.

It sounds like you are taking some good steps. I would add make sure he is doing as much sucking at the breast as possible, soothe him at the breast whenever possible to further stimulate your breast to produce milk. Breast compression can help keep a baby interested during a nursing.

Take good care of yourself momma, eat well, and get plenty of rest. Hopefully this is just temporary. Keep us posted.
Thankyou. Sometimes a little support goes a long way.
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