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HELP! Mosquitos and other biting insects...

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I read somewhere that pg women attract biting bugs twice as much as other people. I think the reasons were a higher body temp and a sweeter-smelling sweat.

I am already getting bitten to death! Does anyone have any non-DEET recommendations for keeping bugs away? I have some non-DEET bug spray and DH just got me a wrist bracelet that's supposed to keep bugs away--haven't tried it yet though. I also need recommendations for my work office. There are bugs everywhere, and I don't want to use that toxic spray!

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funny, i am usually so much of a mosquito magnet that my DH doesn't have to wear bug-spray when we're out in the woods together. but since becoming pg they have stayed away, and he's now getting bitten. i'm joking it's his way to keep me pg for the next 15 years - he'll just keep reminding me how much i hate mosquito bites.

i have heard from others whose MWs told them that low-concentration DEET was ok to use occasionally. there are some herbal bug lotions, but i'm sure that's a pretty strong dose of stuff going into your bloodstream too. if you can, best thing would be prevention - wear light-weight, long-sleeved clothing and pants... i've heard lighter colors (white) help deter mosquitos, too.

We are having the same problems and it is MISERABLE! Here is something I read on a doula list:

Mix 1 tsp orange oil,
2 tsp pure vanilla extract, and
8 oz of water.

Shake well and spray on.

Maybe this will help you some!
thanks lynsey.
I got my first bite yesterday. In the *middle* of the day standing at the top of my steps talking to my neighbor. And not for long!

Now, some eo's aren't good for
women. I need to check on orange.

That stuff won't make you appealing tho....
Somebody report back. I'm gonna write down the question for my tuesday visit.

I personally would avoid deet.
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I'm all about prevention normally (long sleeves, pants, etc.) but we're leaving this afternoon for a week-long vacation to a cabin by a lake. It's a goregeous place with no phones, tvs, or computers (I'll miss you all!
). I don't want to have to be covered all day every day, KWIM?

Mom2baldie-- I would think that the sweetness of the orange oil and vanilla extract would attract mosquitos...but I could be completely wrong.
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I'm not sure if any of the oils in Burt's Bees bug dope are bad for preggo women, but it's the only non-DEET product I've found that seems to do anything (and, where I live, there are a *lot* of mosquitos!) With minimal application of the Burt's Bees stuff and DEET on my hat, I've still got more than 40 bites in the last week. Oh well! At least there's no malaria or West Nile here!
burts bees makes some repellent. Its made with eo's tho. I gave mine away. There's also Buzz Away. I can't figure out how to make a link on the new board.
You can find both of those at the hfs,granted you have one where you are or where you are going.

I understand about not wanting to be covered up. Its a dealbreaker in NC about now.

Have a great time! I look forward to submergin myself in some water this summer!
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Orange EO is fine to use in pregnancy, generally all of the citrus are except bergamot. I wouldn't go out in the sun while wearing it, because it can increase your chance of sunburn.

Being that I live in Hawaii, avoiding mosquitos is a common topic of discussion around here. Actually, dh is obsessed with researching non deet ways to avoid them. The only herb that has been found to actually repel them is eucalyptus. Eucalyptus Eo works pretty good. In pregnancy, I would get the Eucalyptus Smithii EO (I think) this is generally safer than the other one. Some other things that work OK are Bounce dryer sheets. I pin them to ds's shirts. But some smart mosquitos will just bite around them.

Avon actually makes a baby version of Skin So Soft. It works really well, and has no deet. This is what we mostly use. Those low deet sprays, like the 5% kids ones, never work. Actually, you need about 20% deet for it to really work, and I don't think that level is safe for anyone LOL. I would try the skin so soft. But don't get the bath oil, of all of them it works the best, but it smells gross.
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Also using Skin So Soft, yep, the bath oil. It does work better than the spray they made to repel skeeters, though. It does smell bad, but unlike DEET, it doesn't make me nauseated, light headed, etc.

I am an absolute magnet for mosquitos without it, and with it, rarely do they even come near me.
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