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I'm am so frustrated. My DS (3.5) has NEVER been a good sleeper. He co-slept with us completely until 18 months, when he started nights in his bed and then woke up at some point and we brought him into our bed. He has NEVER slept through the night completely.<br><br>
When my DD was born (10 MONTHS AGO!),my DH started sleeping in his bed with him, because we were afraid they would wake each other up. Well, this situation wasn't good either because DH didn't like DS' bed, DS' was waking up so often (and he's a very restless, kicky sleeper)that neither was getting sleep and more importantly when DH traveled, it was horrible because I was wedged between two kids that both needed me to hold them and none of us were sleeping. I actually moved DD out of the bed into a crib hoping it would help. It hasn't.<br><br>
I NEED DS to sleep in his bed. If he could come to my room quietly and not whine and cry in the night (and early in the morning) then it would be okay. Een if he comes down quietly, he's up super early (too early to be awake)literally jumping on the baby and me (who's in bed with me at this point) or whining to get up. Even with DD in her crib I still have to get up and nurse her in the night, which wakes him up (because he has to be touching us to sleep) and then he screams because he doesn't want me to leave, which wakes his sister up completely. Last night she and he (and of course I) were up for 3 HOURS because of him doing this. I cannot function on small amounts of sleep anymore (she is not a fab sleeper in the day so I can't nap when she does, because she doesn't!).<br><br>
How do I get him to stop waking up? Or help him to get himself back to sleep on his own? If he would stop waking up, he wouldn't be scared and have to come down to our room!! I've tried asking him what to do (he had some suggestions like a flashlight, more lights on, stuffed animals - none of which worked), and even tried bribing with toys and treats as rewards in the mornings. He was gung ho to try for about a week and now says he doesn't want a treat, toy or reward, and there's nothing we can do to help him, he just "needs an adult to sleep with him". I had a big box come in the mail yesterday (a kids car tent bed) and told him he could open it if he could stay in his bed until morning (I tell him that when it's light he can come down). He told me to send the box back..<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="greensad"><br><br>
The only thing I find for kids his age is to keep putting him back in the bed (I can't do this with the baby and my DH only lasts one putback before falling asleep in his bed b/c it takes forever for DS to fall back asleep) or lock him in his room (um, no!!)<br><br>
How do people with two kids do this? I know I'm not the only one who has gone through this! Please help! (And the solution can't have anything to do with DH's help, because with his travel schedule, I can't count on him being here!!)<br><br>
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