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Do you nurse? I am assuming you do....?

I would always get sore when ds needed to nurse. I also have shoulder/neck pains though, so I feel ya!

First off, your ds will most likely thin out a bit in the next few months. So don't give up completely on the pouch!Just make sure you get a good fit. If the sling is too big, pain will ensue. If it is not folded out, or spread evenly across the shoulder, you will feel pain. I still can carry ds 21/2 in a pouch sling, but I built up the muscles over the course of 4 years. SO it is possible, but takes perseverance. I love pouches.

A couple questions:

How long have you been babywearing?
How does your sling fit?

I can't personally use a back carrier for long with ds's weight as I have built up the muscles for front/side carry, and the back carry hurts my shoulders and neck. But I would suggest a mei tei or ergo if you want to go that route. Otherwise, if we can determine if your sling fits correctly, that may help you a lot
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