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Just curious...can he sit up yet?? My son was a big baby, too, although not QUITE as big as yours.

He was 21.5 lbs. @ 5 months, but he could sit up independently, so I would put him in the cart for part of the time, sling him for part of the time (he never liked the sling until I could hip-carry him), and now that he's older, he also walks for part of the time.

That way, I'm not carrying him for long periods of time.

For the cart, I got a Sani-shopper, which I love! I use a pouch sling.

Just a side note, though....I have recently been using the sling on top of my winter coat, and the extra padding makes SUCH a difference! So, next time, I think I will try a padded sling. I think it would really help for big babies!
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