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DH and I are a federal relocation -- he is law enforcement and was sent to a new POD.<br><br>
We are in temp houesing. ALL -- and I mean everything save this computer and some clothing and the dog -- is in crates in a warehouse waiting till our house in built. We have NO access to it.<br><br>
soooooooooooooo I do not have access to any of my natural healing books; herb books, so my beloved Natural Pharmacy. (I thought we'd get here and buy and get our stuff faster, a lot faster, than we have -- we both did, that is why we kept like nothing out...but now we are building not buying...).<br><br>
DH had a yearly physical yesterday.....he BP is "boardline high" and was on the last visit too. no medication yet...but Doc wants it lowers. I want it lowered; and for his job he has to maintain health and qualify physically 2x a year so we have to get it down.....................we don't have the blood work back yet so I do not know about his cholostrol (sp?) it has always been ok before, but so has his BP till now. He also needs to drop 30 pounds at least.<br><br>
I remember more salt, a lot of extra water. I am going to get grapefruit jucie for him (lowers closteral i remember).....................he runs at least 3 times a week (2 miles) and we are going to incresse that...........<br><br>
What else???<br><br>
He isn't too into "natural healing". But I can generally get him to eat foods I sugggest (or pack in his lunch). and take some supplments.<br><br>

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Prescription for Natural Healing<br><br>
Include in the diet the folowing foods, which aid in lowering cholesteral: Apples, bananas carrots, cold water fish, dried beans, garlic grapefruit and olive oil<br><br>
Make sure to take in plenty of fiber in the form of furits, veggies and whole grains. water soluble diety fiber is important in reducing chole. Found in barley beans, brown rice fuits, guar gum and oats. Oat bran and bn rice bran are the best foods for lowering cholesterol Whole grain cereals in moderation, and brown rice are good as well. Since fiber absorbs the minerals from food it is in, take extra minerals separately from the fiber.<br><br>
Drink fresh juices, esp carrot, celery and beet juices. Carrot juice helps to flush out fat from the bile in liver, and this helps lower chols.<br><br>
use only unrefined cold or expeller pressed oils.<br><br>
Do not eat any nuts except walnuts, which can be eatin in moderation. Eat wlnuts only raw.<br><br>
Reduce the amount of sat. fat and cholesteral in diet. ALso avoid all hydrogenated fats and hardened fats and oils such as margerine, lard and butter. Consume no heated fats or processed oils and avoid animal products, esp pork or pork products. and fried or fatty foods. ALways read food product labels carefully. You may consume nonfat milk, low fat cottage chees and skinless white poultry meat (not turkey) but only in moderation.<br><br>
Do not consume alcohol, cakes candy, carbonated drinks, coffee, gravies, nondairy creamers, pies processed or refined foods, refined carbs, tea tobacco or white bread.<br><br>
Avoid gas forming foods such as brussel sprouts , cabbage , cauliflower and sweet pickles<br><br>
Get rg mod exercise.<br><br>
Avoid stress and sustained tension. Learn stress managmenet techniques.<br><br><br>
Apple pectin as directed on label<br><br>
Calcium as directed on label<br><br>
Chromium picolinate 400=600 mcg daily<br><br>
Coenzyme Q10 60mg daily<br><br>
Fiber(oat bran) as directed<br><br>
Garlic 2 caps 3 x daily<br><br>
Lecithin granules or caps 1 T 3 x daily before meals or 1200mg 3x daily<br><br>
lipotropic factors as directed<br><br>
Vit B complex as directed<br><br>
Vit B 1 as directed (plus choline and inositol<br><br>
Vit B3 300 mg daily (do not exceed this amt)<br><br>
Vit c w/bioflavonoids 3,000-8,000 mg daily in divided doses<br><br>
vit E emulsion begin w/200IU daily and slowly increase to 1,000 IU<br><br>
Essential fatty acids as directed<br><br>
Heart Science from Source Naturals as directed<br><br>
Proteolytic enzymes as directed<br><br>
selenium 200 mcg daily<br><br>
shitake or reishi as directed<br><br><br>

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Everything Rainsmom said! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="orange big grin"><br><br>
I've always had borderline high blood pressure and I've kept it in check with *daily* moderate exercise, a calcium/mag supplement, garlic supplements, lots of fresh fruits and veggies, and enough sleep. I love salty foods and never worked too hard to cut back (although I did make sure not to overdo it).<br><br>
Also, passionflower extract is supposed to help. I took it while I was pregnant, and I believe that it did.<br><br>
Good luck!
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