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We just got back from a trip to my parents house and I took cloth with me; but my mom had some sposie training pants and I used them mostly. (It's a long story but my mom has a bad washer/dryer that doesn't work very well, so its almost pointless to try and use cloth). My dd was doing great there (we only had 1-3 misses a day), but now that we are home we have had so many misses. What could it be? Any suggestions? Also, I want to take the night time plunge, should I wait until dd is dry in the am or just go for it now?
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If she's dry in the morning, would there even be anything to do at night? Try it now, worse comes to worse you find out it wakes her up to much or it doesn't work in some other way and you wait awhile and try again.
When we potty trained my ds, if I put him in cloth training pants, he felt like they were a diaper and he could get away with a miss, so didn't try to go potty. So, we started with the thicker underwear you can be in the stores and that worked. After a while, I needed to switch it up again and went with real underwear (since at that point, he thought he could get away with one with the thick underwear) and then we were done.
I got several pairs of those undies (the thick ones), but my dd just wets right through them in one wet, so they don't really work for us (this after I bought about 10 pairs). She is such a heavy wetter that even one miss gets everything wet. So, I need some that have pul or fleece somewhere. I really like the imse vimse ones. If anyone is interested in the cotton 2t ones, I have some that fit smaller than the gerber ones called wee essentials (JC Penney brand). Also, I don't really know how to start with the night time. Any suggestions?
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