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Help my dh feel better please!

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Ok dh works nights and can barely function. He doesnt sleep well in the day, barely getting 4 hours and he is always run down. He also has a chronic stuffy nose, and he just feels like poo. He has no energy and the 2 days he is off work are spent lying around doing nothing. What can he take to feel better and stay better? Must I say that is has to be cheapish to buy we are broke at the moment. Thanks!
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There is no magic pill to bring back his health, but what I would advise is much cheaper than what you can buy. It is what he should avoid. I am taking a lot of liberty here in thinking that he does not have the best nutrition.

He must avoid all sugar, all refined food, junk food, fast food, and eat fruit and vegetables.

In other words, he will feel better if he eats better. He'll also sleep better. It will take a week of intense healthy eating.

I am just taking a stab in the dark, since I know nothing about your diet.

Hope I didn't offend him.
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