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Help My Dog STINKS!!!

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I have no idea what this is and it's absolutely terrible. Hopefully someone can help us, and our dog, out.

We have a 2 yr old Border Collie/Lab/possibly Shephard mix. We've had her since she was just 8 weeks old. Since she was about 1 yr old she has had this horrible pungent smell that comes and goes. We can not figure out where its coming from. It's not from her fur, ears or breath. It's not just a doggy fart. To my dh and I it smells almost somehow hormonal (she is spayed though btw). Sometimes it will last for hours, sometimes just a few minutes, and sometimes for days! She's a very paranoid dog with lots of anxiety. I did notice the other day when we were walking her and a moving van passed and she got scared that the smell was suddenly released and it was very very strong and lasted for the rest of the day. However sometimes she is "smell free" and will just be calmly laying against the couch and suddenly she smells. We just can not figure this out at all. Someone suggested it may be her anal glands but the last time we had her groomed we had them express them and it made no difference.

We really need some help with this. My dh keeps putting her in her cage just to get away from the smell. She's afraid to be outdoors by herself so if we want her "away" it has to be in her cage, which she likes but I don't want to keep her in there for too long as I know she needs to be able to run and stretch and play and besides the smell is so strong it often permeates the rest of the house anyways.

Any ideas or suggestions would be really helpful. Our next step is taking her to the vet (to get her butt amputated says my dh
). Oh and we feed her Iams so I wouldn't think it'd be the dog food.
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I am sure it's anal glands. Dogs have these glands just inside the rectum. They normally excrete a little every time the dog has a bowel movement. They are a scent gland basically.

When they are expressed, they are empty for only a short while as the body produces more fluid to fill them again. When a dog gets scared, they can empty them just a little or a lot. It can also happen when they get excited also. I used to have a American Staffordshire terrier. She would empty her anal glands when she vigorously barked sometimes, if they were really full.

They can be surgically removed.
yep, anal glands, no doubt about it.
In the mean time, add 3 tbsp of canned pumpkin to her diet every day, after a week increase to 5 tbsp, the added fibre will make her stool more bulky and hopefully express them better when she goes to the bathroom.

Also, get some antibacterial wet ones, when you smell them, wipe the area around her bum and under her tail, if she has a long furry tail, have the groomer trim the fur close to her body.
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