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HElp my friend find out what's making her violently ill!

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My friend had her baby in a hospital about 6 months ago. She also hasa 2yo DS. After the birth (w/in weeks) she became violently ill from both ends. Her DS showed symptoms too but not as bad. She lost over 30 pounds in 4 months. She was tested for everything by an MD, a naturopath, and a homeopath. They finally found she had giardia and it it was treated (grapefruit seed and probiotics, etc.) but she seemed better for a week or so before it came back. Then it came back every few days and this week it has gotten severe, it has included ER visits where nothing is found. HEr DS has been ill on and off too. One test showed no giardis, a new showed it again. But it has to be more. She has begun taking antibiotics again (desperate) with a "prescribed" probiotic. Oh yeah, she canged her diet, cut out all of the allergens she was found allergic too (wheat, dairy, etc.) She has done everything I have ever heard of.

She is afraid and noone can think of what else it may be. Of course, MDC often thinks of other things noone else does. Suggestions?

Her symptoms are violent abdominal pains, vomitting, diarea, etc.
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Wow, I don't know, that sounds awful for her.
Is she cutting out all gluten or only wheat?
What is giardia?
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Wow, that's absolutely horrible.
Did she deliver vaginally or by c-section?
Sounds like what my mom went through when an overzealous laparoscopy put a kink in her intestines, but surely your friend couldn't have survived this long with that.

Info on giardiasis
It was vaginally but her 2yo has it too soo...

Giardia is a parasite...

It is frustrating as could be, every possibility seems to have been exhausted!
I have had those symptoms with a really bad systemic yeast/candida infection. My endometriosis, at its worst and in combination with severe adhesions, also caused those same symptoms.

She might be allergic to the antibiotics she is taking, it often takes a few weeks to clear them from your system.
All they gave her for a parasite was grapefruit seed and probiotics?? Not that I wouldn't take those, I definately would, but don't you think they should be pushing major herbs, etc for a parasite and bowel cleanse if it is that bad? That's probably what I'd be looking into. Man I hope she get's better soon.
Have they had their water tested? She might just keep getting reinfected that's why it's not going away. I have no other advice, I hope that she can feel better soon.
Did she have an ultrasound to check for gallbladder disease (gall stones)??
If not, it's easy to check for this.
Gallbladder disease has many of the symptoms you are describing but no amount of antibiotics will help.
You can have your gallbladder removed laproscopically and it can be an outpatient procedure.
I should know, I just had the same problems six months after giving birth and found out that it was my gallbladder.
I have not yet had the surgery because I don't want to take antibiotics until my son is weaned. It's not pleasant.
Gallstones are often found in women who have had major hormonal changes (usually pregnancy), are often overweight, or around middle age (40, in my case). My mom had her gallbladder removed before I was even born, she had problems in her 20s. However, it is not genetic.
If I were her, I would ask for an ultrasound through my primary care physician--just like with pregnancy, it is painless and takes only a moment to look for stones in the gallbladder. She should be checked for liver and kidney stones while she is at it.
I've been incredibly healthy all of my life--so this was a huge shocker to me!
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