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Help my poor pfs!

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Hi all,

So this morning I just did my first ever load of CD laundry! Woohoo!

Unfortunately, I noticed as I was hanging them out on the line to dry, some of my pfs got mildewy or something - little pink and black spots

They are drying in the sun after a cold prewash, hot wash, cold rinse. Are they ok? Can I still use them on dd, or do I need to treat the mildewy stuff further? Will the stains ever go away?

How do I prevent this from happening? Did it happen cause I let them sit too long before washing? (3 days in a dry pail, but it has been kinda warm...)

What a bummer.
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Is it humid where you are?
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I had that happen once last summer, but it was on a dipe that I had been sunning and I brought it in (it was about to rain) and layed it folded in half on the doormat. I forgot about it
: and it was there for a little over 24 hours. It was a VB AIO, and after even trying a clorox bleach pen, I still couldn't get the tiny black spots out. I finally just tossed it

I hope you can find a good solution.
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I would try like a 1/4 cup of clorox bleach in the them through on hot and check them BEFORE DRYING....then if not gone, repeat the process.....HTH....
good luck!
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Yea, you may have to resort to the bleach, which since they are pf's isn't too bad. But, what about putting straight lemon juice on them and sunning them? Maybe between the sun and lemon, they'll disappear. Good luck!
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