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Our daughter is 7 mos and our current setup has our queen sized mattress and boxspring on the floor, with her little crib mattress on the floor beside it. we haven't started using the crib mattress but would like to use it for naps and whenever we are not in the room for safety.

However, we need to get a bedrail or bolster of some sort that will fit and work with her crib mattress for when she starts really rolling and/or crawling, so she doesn't fall off the side of the crib mattress (not far to fall but when you're sleeping it would most definitely wake her). our mattress works as a bedrail for the one side of the crib mattress, but it's the other side we need something for. putting it up against a wall will not work in our house.

Please help! thank you so much.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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