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HELP! Need articles to show mom no repeat circ

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Ok, so here is the situation:

Quote: can tell by the "head" of his "thingy" , that a circumcision has been done once,by the way it looks -but there was not enough skin taken off,so, the "foreskin" fully covers the "head", unless I am cleaning him,then I have to push it back - but then it comes right back and covers it again....and at his 2mth checkup , his dr. (who did the procedure), said if it doesnt correct itself by 4mths then we would have to do something about it.what does that mean?!!
Any good articles to send her way to help persude her to not have her son's circ redone?
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I've never seen any writings that really address this in depth, only that those boys who have loose circumcisions and thus the foreskin remnant covers the glans will have the expected appearance of a circumcised penis at around 3 to 4 years old when the penis grows.

The big danger here is that by "tightening up" the circumcision, the child could easily end up with a genuine case of buried penis syndrome that will require skin grafts to resolve and will leave horrible scars on the penis. This happens when the connecting tissue that anchors the penile structure to the pubic mound is cut short and reattached higher up on the penis, pulling the penis into the pubic mound.

There is also the danger of the skin sleeve being cut too short resulting in painful erections as an adult.

corrected by 4 months
: It doesn't sound promising does it?

Wasn't there a website with pictures of a "loose" circumcision as an infant and then follow up pictures at 3 or 4 years old? Maybe I am confusing things. I'll look. How about links to men talking about their own sexual disfunction from circumcisions which are too tight?
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I had no luck finding info on this situation either.
My gut instinct is that redoing the circ is not required, but don't have anything to back up my opinion. Unfortunately I bet this mom will do whatever the ped tells her to w/o questioning....
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I'm on that BB, too. I felt like saying, "well if you would've researched it, you would know this could've happened!" But of course, you can't say anything like that on a mainstream board.
It seem like a lot of people just don't know about the complications that can occur. All they focus on is the "benefits" and when their son is the one with the botched circ, all they can say is, "well, we were just the unlucky ones". They don't even admit they had a CHOICE in the matter and it didn't have to happen at all.
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Shaunam - did you notice there was a second botched circ thread today! And lets see, there are probbly 300 people tops on our board. With the avg birth rate of 50% of each gender (roughly) that means there are probably 150 boys. The rate of circ in the US today is around 50% last I heard (maybe less, maybe more, depends on where you live), so I'd say conservatively there are 85 circed boys on the board. At least TWO have had complications (and possibly more). That's a pretty high complication rate for an unneccessary procedure!

And this is only one of many reasons my son is intact!
I did notice

Also, some of the replies to the posts were, "yeah, we had that problem too", so the rate is higher.
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Are allowed to say which board you're talking about? I don't know many of them yet, and I only mostly post here. The others seem to be too much of a labyrinth to get around. Also, they seem more like a war-zone.

I'm so grateful for this one!

Originally Posted by DahliaRW
Any good articles to send her way to help persude her to not have her son's circ redone?
Christiane Northrup is an OB/GYN, who recommends against circumcision, but says for parents who absolutely want to have it done, to cut off as little skin as possible. This is in her March 2005 e-newsletter, which is at

I'm thinking that you could give this to your friend and tell her how lucky she and her son are that the circumcision that her son got was the least damaging.

I hope this wouldn't be too tough a sell, but that's what I would do.
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I was disappointed in Dr. Northrup's recommendation for the use of EMLA cream. The AMA has found it basically useless for the circumcision procedure.

It also has to be realized that any circumcision removes the preputial sphincter and the frenulum, the functional equivalent of a female's vaginal sphincter and clitoris and in most cases, these "loose circumcisions" will no longer become so loose after the child's penis grows and the glans is permanently exposed for desensitization from keratinization. There is also a much higher risk that there will be reformation of the natural adhesions and ignorant doctors who will forcibly separate them and tell uninformed parents to do the same causing recurring pain to the child for a long time. There are also ignorant doctors who do not recognize this natural function of the body to repair itself and misdiagnose it and tell parents that the son has to be circumcised later or "The foreskin will permanently grow to the glans."

Even for those physicians who are on our side, there is a huge job for us to educate them about the proper care and diagnosis of the penis.

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I would focus on buried penis, and pictures of other problems cause by over correction. In other words, play up the "what if the doctor takes off too much" aspect of things.

A trapped penis is a normal-sized penis that is partially stuck in the pubic fat pad. Scarring or adhesions trap the recessed penis in the fat pad. This condition can predispose children to urinary tract infections or urinary retention. Surgery is usually wise.

Often inconspicuous penis cannot be prevented. Avoiding inappropriate circumcisions can reduce the risk of an inconspicuous penis.

Originally Posted by Frankly Speaking
IIt also has to be realized that any circumcision removes the preputial sphincter and the frenulum, the functional equivalent of a female's vaginal sphincter and clitoris
A urologist once told me that there were various forms of male circumcision, and that it was possible to preserve the frenulum. Of course, if a parent wanted that, they would have to be the ones to bring it up to the circing doctor. Because most infant circs are done by an OB/GYN instead of a urologist, I'm not even sure that an OB would know what they were talking about, or know what to do. I also rather think that if a parent happened to be well-informed enough to know how important the frenulum is, they would also be well-informed enough to know that any circumcision was a dumb idea.
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Originally Posted by bell bottom blues
A urologist once told me that there were various forms of male circumcision, and that it was possible to preserve the frenulum.

Well, yes, it would be possible but . . . with the current methods used for virtually all infant circumcisions, it isn't. The Mogen and Gomco Clamps and the Plastibel device all require cutting the frenulum so that the bell can fit over the glans and the function of the frenulum is as a stretch receptor. Additionally, the above methods all crush and cut both the frenular artery and the frenular nerve in a manner such that they no longer provide their function and the frenular delta no longer performs as a tactile sensory area. The only way that a circumcision could be performed without destroying both the frenulum and it's sexual functions is by a procedure called the sleeve resection method or freehand method. Generally, this is only used for older boys and adults.

Such a circumcision that preserved the frenulum and it's function would leave the patient appearing that he was not circumcised and he would receive none of the so called "benefits" of circumcision. Just the mutilative aspects of the procedure and the pain. The remnant foreskin would still cover a significant portion of the glans.

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Originally Posted by callumsmom2001
Maybe this would help?

Yup those are the pics I was looking for.
I understand you guys are posting pictures from this guy's site because they show why NOT to re-circumcise or show loose circumcision, but this guy is major Pro-circumcision. Here are some interesting snippets:

"Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2003 22:42:08 -0600

Circumcision debate:

Diseases Prevented:

>7,000 cases of Aids

>10,000 cases of syphilis

>20,000 episodes of kidney infection

>1,000 cases of penile cancer

200,000 cases of phimosis (foreskin scared closed)

250,000 cases of balanoposthitis (infected foreskin)


2,000 cases of bleeding that can be stopped.

2,000 cases of infection.

300 shaft injury that needs repairing.

1 case of entire penis lost. (same result with cancer)

I recommend it.

Dr. Knapp"

Did he even read what the medical associations had to say about it??

And this one:

"How do you keep the penis clean if your child is not circumcised? How do you keep the penis clean if your child is not circumcised? When you take your baby home, you do not need to do anything special. The foreskin of a newborn cannot be pulled back, and so just by bathing your baby, you are keeping the penis clean. After the baby is I year old, you can gently try to pull back the foreskin while you are bathing him. If the foreskin moves easily, wash the end of the penis and carefully place the foreskin back over the end of the penis. If you cannot pull the foreskin back, don't worry. This is perfectly normal and you can try again in a few months. As your child grows, the foreskin will gradually become retractable. just as you will teach your son to wash his hands and face, you can teach him to clean his penis."

Okay, first he tells you not to do anything special and then turns around and tells you to retract...HUH?

But this one takes the cake!! This is one of the weirdist/sickest I have ever heard:

"If it is a girl, they have mucus coming out of their bottoms for weeks and sometimes it's bloody. That's OK. Spread the small labia so that you can see the entrance of the vagina, cleanse with just water and paper, leave some of the white mucus there, and put a wall of Vaseline between the labia to repel stool away and keep the labia from getting stuck together. This is a common problem in girls and you need to do this for 2 years; or we have to break open the adhesions which bleeds and is painful. There even was a 3 year old girl that had to be put to sleep and have them cut open again. It is common but no one mentions it. Spread them several times every day. Boys have the same problem. If they are circumcised, gently pull the skin back to the ridge of the glans every day and put Vaseline to keep it from getting stuck to the head. If they are not circed, push the skin back to see the tip of the head in the opening of the foreskin, but you do not have to pull it all the way back. We just do not want the tip to scar down to a pin point opening."

What the heck!! Labial adhesions are normal in some girls. Once they start getting estrogen they will release. If parents are really paranoid, they can apply estrogen cream and the adhesions should release. Once the estrogen is stopped they may go right back together again.

And again, there he is telling parents of intact boys to retract!!

Hey, I'm not a pediatrician or anything though, so I guess I don't know everything. (sarcasm intended)

Anyway, IMO, this guy is majorly weird, if not edging toward the "sicko" side and I would be cautious about who we are sending to his website per links. There is lots of misinformation pertaining to circumcision there. You can go there and search circumcision to find the articles I copied and pasted from.


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I got a bad feeling reading the captions on the pictures, about how it will "look good" later. :puke You can tell right there which way he leans. Yeah, I guess if you think mutilation looks "good."

Well, since this is a mom who probably won't ever think she made a mistake- only that the doctor didn't cut enough- IMO the link to the pictures is probably useful in this case, to stop her from having it done again.
But yeah, he's a
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that guy has a thing for playing with little childrens genitals doesnt he?

The only time I have EVER Applied vasaline to my DD's labia area was when she was sick with a tummy bug and had diareah. That and during the first 24hrs of her life so I could clean up the meconium that got between her folds without causing too much damage.

What's so hard with LEAVE THEM ALONE??
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Yup, sounds off the mark to me. And Yup they were the pics I thought would help the mother decide that recirc'ing her circ'd boy was not necessary.
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