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Help! need suggestions to replace Wal-Mart knives!

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Until I starting on the NT path 6 months ago, I didn't cook very much, and when I did it was a lot of out of boxes packaged stuff. The ultra cheap set of knives I have that were my DH's when he was a bachelor were fine for me.

Now that I actually cook all the time, there are a LOT of new kitchen implements I need, but I think my knives need to be replaced first. A couple of other NT people I know use Wusthof, but I am not in a financial situation to be buying knives at $150 a piece!

Does anyone have any suggestions for some better knives that are a bit more affordable? Or any great places to look for good used ones?

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Good knives are expensive, but *so* worth it. I think you can get by with a single awesome knife for the time being - you can do almost everything with an 8" chef's knife. Yeah, a filet knife is nice for delicate work, and a butcher's knife for hacking apart chicken backs. But, with a little finesse, you can get your chef's knife to do everything except peeling apples. Then, when you've recovered (financially and emotionally
) from the cost of the chef's knife, get a good paring knife. Eventually, a 12" or 14" chef's knife or a good butcher's knife for heavy work, a filet knife, and a few specialty blades would be sweet. But, a basic chef and parer will take you very far.

I'm partial to Shun knives. DH has bought me the Granton Edge Santuko and the 8" Chef. I
: them.
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I'd go to a decent sized asian grocery, they usually have a kitchenwares section. You can get decent knives for less ( although not any brand you've probably ever heard of) I got a decent butchers knife for about $8. And I know that Asians USE their butchers knives. They've got nicer ones for more money of course.
Good Morning!

I do second, third and forth everything else said here! GOOD knives are worth the time and money used to acquire them.

I sell Pampered Chef...and they have several knives that are EXCELLENT and very affordable. With a good chef's knife and paring knife...I think that you will be set until more "exotic" knives are in teh budget.

Mrs Bernstein
I DON'T sell Pampered Chef, and I LOVE my PC knives. Ok, I only have one, but as soon as I can afford it, I'm replacing all my knives with PC knives. They come with their own blade cover that also sharpens, and they're the sharpest knives I've ever worked with, and when you use one, you won't believe the difference! And I think they're a steal for the quality they are.
I have a large Wustof set, but I really only use 2 of the knives with any regularity. I'd get one large knife (chefs, santuku (sp?)) and one paring knife. If you only get a couple your knife budget will go further.

Also wanted to add that my DP has a Pampered Chef paring knife that he just loves.
I have a Pampered Chef paring knife, and... compared to my Shun knives... I'm not impressed. I can't keep a fine edge on the thing.
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