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I have read lots of threads, and done searches but can't find a definative answer. What can I do about this? Is it safe to put on my children? I use Sam's club detergent (as per reccomendations) and only use about 1/4-1/8 cup at a time, and do hot soak, rinse, hot wash, rinse. We have well water, so I assume that it is considered hard water. I use a dry pail, but wash almost everyday. I dump the poop in the toilet, from #3 and #4 is EBF, so she isn't really stinky. They smell clean coming out of the wash and dryer, but after putting on babies WHOO HOO it is horrible, like rotten fish. Have put babies in sposies since last night, and they don't stink, so I KNOW that it isn't the kids...What am I doing wrong? please help, #3 is getting a rash from the sposies as we speak!
I really don't know what to do
Oh and is there a problem with borax and diapers? I haven't used it on them, but I have it on hand, and was just wondering cause it is good for so many things.

BTW I am not using a diaper rash cream or any thing like that, NO rashes at all since chuckin the sposies.

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I would wash on super hot water, with no detergent and if that doesn't work, add some Dawn dish liquid and rinse until no suds show. I've always used Charlie's so never had to strip mine. And at 1/8th cup per large load, Charlie's is WAY more affordable than even the generic brand detergents, IMHO. And even the generic brands are starting to use brighteners which will coat the dipes. They aren't required by law to list all their ingredients, so there's no way of knowing for sure.

Other people will recommend Allens Naturally, as it's 100% water soluble too, but it is too expensive where we live.

Anyway, here's some info I found for you on stripping dipes. Good luck!

Stripping Cloth Diapers
'Stripping' is a method of removing residue from cloth diapers. This residue will either cause excessive odor or ineffective diapers. There are three main causes of residue: detergent, soap or fabric softeners. If the residue is from overuse of detergents or using soap you will end up with smelly diapers and/or leaks. Often, the smell will only surface after Baby has peed. If the diaper leaks without first absorbing a reasonable amount of liquid, it is most likely repelling the liquid due to a residue. Residue from fabric softeners, will cause the cotton and hemp diapers to be less absorbent and the fleece topped or lined diapers to repel water- both will result in leaking cloth diapers.

To strip a diaper of excess detergent, simply wash them with just water until no suds appear when agitating.

To strip diapers or covers of fabric softeners or soap, simply hand wash in regular dish soap (this gets the oils out). Add a small amount of dish soap directly to the fleece and rub the fleece together (or scrub it with a brush). Do this to both sides of the fleece. Rinse well. Do this whenever the diaper seems to be repelling rather than absorbing.
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