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HELP! Newborn side-sleeper wetting through!

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DD doesn't seem to mind this, but I sure do! 3-week-old, 10lb. Ivy is a long night sleeper. She would sleep all night if my breasts would let her!
The problem is that she wets through her newborn dipes (Kissaluvs). We change her once at night and she is usually soaked. She starts out on her back but usually rolls in toward mama and sleeps on her side most of the night.

We have a variety of covers -- SWWs, ProRaps, etc. -- and I've been mostly using the Stacinator at night because it seems to leak least, but her onesie and swaddling blanket still get wet after 3 or 4 hours. I tried a doubler one night and it didn't seem to help.

Any suggestions? Mom is buying, so money is not an object.
We're going to be outgrowing the Kissaluvs soon anyway, so I look forward to advice about what direction to head next... Should I do wool? Pockets?

Thanks in advance!!
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We like pockets for overnight. We also change whenever we wake up and she's wet.

we totally had this problem with me ds. you should have seen the diaper butt that i had on him and he'd still soak through because he was sleeping on his side and that wasn't where the absorbancy was. when i asked the question then i was recommended to use a prefold and roll the sides in... i can't remember the name of the fold. maybe someone else can. (jelly roll- i think that's it) shows directions on how to do it. but that seemed to help because it puts some layers on the side. also if it's really bad and that doens't help you can wrap doublers around the side they sleep on under the prefold. i think i had to do that a few times. wool didn't ever seem to cut it for us- i think i used an airflow cover or something like that. i think sometimes i would trifold a prefold and lay that in a second that i folded jelly fold style and snappied.

kissaluvs do tend to not have enough absorbancy quickly. definietly a doubler to help.

it was awful waking up to wet bady and wet sheets and wet mama. hope you can figure something out.

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Pockets usually don'nt work for side-sleepers overnight because the absorbency is in the front, middle, and back. It's not on the side. My side-sleeper does best in fitteds and wool overnight. Kissaluvs might just not have enough absorbency for your baby overnight. Very Baby Simply Nights, Firefly Sleeptights, and Benjamuffins are all pretty popular nighttime fitteds around here that are the most affordable. I personally like Very Baby Simply Nights under my own knit wool soakers or longies or shorts. Knit wool or wool jersey covers(like your stacinator probably) are great because they provide all around coverage while a PUL cover would probably wick out the sides. Wool actually absorbs up to 30% of it's weight in water before it starts to even feel wet so it's a great option for nighttime. A good fitted with lots of absorbency would be the perfect companion.

I had a problem with the kissaluvs newborns because I found that they weren't absorbant enough for DS. I just coudn't use them for more than 5 days and we switched. We did find that pockets helped us because he was such a very heavy wetter, but with a side sleeper you may need to use a prefold or flat customized for a side sleeper.
Reese is a 4 week old , 11 lbs sidesleeping wonder as well! That is such a change from our older daughter! Anyway, I have found that an infant premium prefold (yes, there is such a thing! ) with a hemp trifold doubler works the best for us. We top it off with knit or crocheted wool and have
gone through the whole night in twilight side-by-side nursing bliss without any noticable wetness.
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