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Help! Newspaper is doing a story about ME! Eek!

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I summoned all the chutzpah I have (it's a lot) and emailed the editor of our local tiny hick town newspaper. I wrote that a feature about MOI would be genius since (1) I'm the only doula in town (2) most people here don't know what a doula is/does (3) gave a bunch of stats from "Mothering the Mother" about how doulas help pregnant women (4) said I thought it would be really helpful for the preggos to know about me and my services.

And... they're going to run a story!

So, Monday morning I'm going in to talk to the reporter and answer q's, talk about what I do, etc.

I am really nervous because I know it's not just ME -- I'm representing all doulas when I talk about being a doula. So, please remind me of some things to say, since I want to sound relatively competent and confident.

Thanks. I'd put a smiley in here but... you know.
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Great idea! I'm looking forward to you linking the article.

I think that in terms of a doula's work it would be so important to point out the relative isolation that women live in today's society -- raising their kids alone, doing all the housework, etc, whereas in previous times, women worked TOGETHER, watching each others' kids, sharing laundry day, gathering food, taking care of each other when sick and in birth.

Women used to be so banded together and that doesn't happen so often anymore. This is why a doula is so important.
Oh, that is SUCH a good idea! We have had SOME exposure around where I live for doulas, but not really any within at least a half hour of where I live...I travel a lot to get to mamas, and am sure that, with a little more exposure, I could have a much larger client base right where I am, as there are VERY few doulas in the area. You're an inspiration!

As for the interview, I would pretend that the reporter is a prospective client. I'd bring the prospective client packet that you'd bring to any first interview. Put on your professional face, answer the questions just the same way you'd answer them of a client who maybe isn't so sure they'll need a doula (pretend it's the skeptical dad, you know?). You'll have plenty of readers who'll have the same fact, perhaps what I'd do is write a list of your most commonly asked questions, so that the reporter knows what people commonly ask of you, and brings the interview along in the direction you WANT them to go! Oh, BREAK A LEG!
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