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HELP! NT questions! milk allergy, etc.

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I had been following the Brewer diet during pregnancy and nursing (, and am now implementing NT. BUT I've been sort of floundering lately because I'm pretty sure my ds (6mo) has a milk allergy. My dh is allergic to milk, not lactose intolerant, but allergic -when he eats too much of it he gets cold like symptoms. it's not too bad any more, but was when he was young. i'm pretty sure my ds has it too. since i stopped eating milk products (granted they were not raw), he no longer has mild face rash, gas, red allergy butt. last week i drank some raw milk. (i also ate 2 slices of cheese
) this week i've been eating yogurt and kefir every day. i'm noticing a return of his symptoms. what do other nt mamas do if they or their dc have a milk allergy??

also, i've saved my bacon grease -now what? what do you use it for?

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I am pretty much dairy-free (though every once in a rare while I will eat something with it). I rely on bone broths and leafy greans for minerals (as well as a full-spectrum mineral supplement), cod liver oil for vitamins A & D, and neutralize phytates using citric acid or vinegar instead of whey. For fermenting, I just use salt which is the traditional way to make saurkrauts and kimchees.

I really like the Garden of Eating Diet book for dairy and grain-free ideas. It is also based on Dr. Price's work, except it takes a paleo slant.
We've been pretty dairy lean around here too and used strategies like toraji described.

And the bacon grease -- the sky's the limit. Scramble some eggs in it. Cook some greens in it. Anything tastes better with bacon grease.
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