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help on gut healing....

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hey guys...i'm reading a lot about the leaky gut and some of u have posted me with links about healing the gut...but most of the posts i read seem to be meant for "pros". i'm very new to this whole concept. i dont get methylation, sulf****ation, and so many complex terms and their implications. i'm afraid i need to start from the basics, from what happens in a normal what r the functions of each chemical??? then going on to what happens when one or many r not working right? kind of in that sequence. i'm reading a lot on the but its still complicated for me....sorry if i sound too dumb....but if one of u can post me links to the basics that will be a gr8 help.
may be what r the diff. detox pathways to begin with? any books to be read about this?

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To start to understand liver detox, I'll point you to my video at heal thyself, and then to the tuberose article for more details.

And have you seen I'm trying to keep that one really simple too, and that's the best I've got so far...

You could also start a thread for yourself here and we could see if we can help put some of the pieces together for you, as a way to direct your reading.
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