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I am trying to use a Maya wrap with my dd but I don't think I have it threaded the correct way. I have watched the video online for the Maya wrap company like 50 thousand times but I still think I am doing it wrong becaseu the fabric is bunching up in the rings and then it is hard to adjust. It is supposed to be smooth, right??? Help!

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Ok, here you go:

1. With the sling unthreaded, hold it up by the rings so the label is facing away from you. See how that top flap is not sewn down like all the others? Flip it open. Now the sewn edge of that flap is on the other edge from where it was.

2. Turn the sling over so that you are still holding it by the rings, fabric hanging down, but the label is facing you. That edge you flipped should still be open. Grab it and pull it in towards the label side, and match it up to the other sewn edge of the sling that is right there on the under side.

3. Still holding the rings with the label facing you, use the other hand to hold the two edges of the fabric together, forming a "pocket" of fabric. Run your hand down to the ends of the fabric, so you have the rings in one hand and the two end corners of the fabric in the other.

4. Put the hand that has been holding the rings THROUGH the rings and grab the fabric ends from your other hand, and pull the fabric through the rings about a foot or so. Now bring it back through just the top ring, like a buckle.

5. Look at the fabric where it is coming out of the rings. Find the two sewn edges and pull them away from each other toward the outer edges of the rings. The edges of the fabric need to be the edges of the tail.

6. When you put the sling on, the edge of the shoulder flap (the piece you flipped open before threading) should be at the OUTER edge if you are wearing the sling on your right shoulder. It should be the bottom edge of the sling going across your back. This is the edge that will be brought up against you to form the inner rail for legs-in carries, and the edge that is at the back of the baby's knees in legs-out carries. Pulling the OUTER edge of the tail (farthest from your body) should adjust this edge. Pulling the inner edge of the tail should adjust the top, or outer rail of the sling.

Here are some good pictures:

Also, Darien at has posted some video clips of a similar method for spreading the fabric in the rings.
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