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I'm about 33 weeks along, and believe that I have developed some type of hernia along my diaphragm. (Have not been to the doctor) Possibly a hiatal hernia. (Lots and lots of acid reflux, pain, on and on....)<br>
Then last night, I think that I developed an umbilical hernia. I had been having pain around my poor (VERY mishapen)belly button for a number of weeks. My ds was a bit "energetic" about kissing the baby, and when he was done, my belly button was flat, no longer an outie. Then I noticed that when I stood, it came back out. I pressed it in, and could feel the tissues rubbing against each other. No pain at all.<br>
Now, to add even more to the story....<br>
A little over a year ago, I had my gallbladder removed (the button hole approach) with just 2 very small incisions and 1 little larger one.<br>
All these "hernias" seem to be occurring where there was an incision.<br>
I feel like my body is falling apart, and am very worried/scared about getting to term in 1 piece, and going through labor.<br>
Any suggestions, words of wisdom, or anything?<br>
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