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Last week I was outside where we are working on our back porch. I wasn't watching and I manged to stub and lift my big toenail with a broken piece of lattice work. Then a few days later when it was starting too feel better my 3 yr. accidently jumped on it!
: The nail is now really loose, it has been draining a bit of fluid, but then yesterday I noticed that the fluid had a bad smell. (sorry TMI). It is also hurting more than it had been. Of course Dr. can't see me until Mon.
I have been soaking 2x a day in epsom salts. Then I pour hydrogen peroxide on it, then tea tree oil. Then I put neosporin on when I wrap it up.
I was wondering if any one had any other suggetions besides what I'm already doing, I would really appreciate it! TIA
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