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Originally Posted by sophmama
You can put breastmilk in the ear and it should help it a lot. It is full of antibodies and white blood cells that help clear up the infection quicker. Also I think I've heard tea tree oil works well, but never tried it.
I once tried Tea tree oil into my ear - undiluted!! I thought I was gonna die! I thought I was gonna wake up next morning deaf. It was so painful! I could feel my heart in my ear, but then I fell asleep and next moring infection was gone!! I was shocked! I did it since again, but next time I made sure to dilute it!

To the OP:

It depends how severe your sinus and ear infection is. There is ALWAYS alternative, you just have toknow what and where to find it.
For sinus infection is fantastic homepathic remedy Hepar Sulfur 6C - 5 granules 3-5 times/day.
There is more remedies, but it's hard to say which one is good for her, since I don't know the exact symptoms.
And for ear infection:
My book says for accute ear infection;
Belladona 6C + Capsicum annuum 6C + cantharis 6C + arsenicum album 6C (if painful mostly at night and warm compress makes it better) or Aconitum 6C (if pain is caused by wind into ear - open window during driving for example)

Take 5 granules in 15 minutes intervals. That means Belladona, 15 minutes later Capsicum, 15 minutes later cantharis and on and on, until relief, than keep extending the intervals....30 minutes, several hours, once a day, until better.

good luck to her! It sucks to be sick during PG!

Belladona should also cover the flu simptoms, as well as aconitum.

I just noticed you posted it 2 days ago, and she probably made her decisoon by now. If she is on antibiotics - she can still use all the homeopathic remedies above - it can never hurt! It will onlt help her body to deal better with the antibiotics as well.
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