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Help! Premaxx and Hotsling, OTSBH

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With all my other kids I used an OTSBH, and was very happy with it...

However, trying to be a hip mama and moving with the times, I thought I would try something new this time. (I gave away my other slings after my babies were too big)

I got a Hotsling, and though I am still preggers, I tried it with my friends eight week old, and it seemed quite small and snug(even though I chose the larger one for my size categories), and not very easy to get baby into multiple positions (such as neck nestle, etc)...

So, I panicked and started to ebay slings...

I had seen the premaxx at baby style, and lots of the "hipsters" around the neighborhood (I live in LA's equivalent to Village, or Haight Ashbury) wearing it.

So, I bidded for it on ebay...two different ones (am new to ebay, didn't think I 'd win) and am now winning in both auctions.

Stupid me researched it AFTER I bid, and almost every review is very negative.

Any one wanna make me feel better by telling me a GOOD experience with it?

I'm kind of out of funds, and now stuck with two carriers that I might not like...

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Well you are due pretty soon so your hotsling will fit very differently with no bump and a little baby. I have never tried a premaxx...hope you find what you are looking for.
We had a Premaxx, and gosh it was SO painful for me. But, my DH loved it--he had a hard time squeezing DD into other pouches (it freaked him out) and you pull a string to tighten the Premaxx. Even he couldn't take it after 4 months though. And I hated the string--I was always scared she was going to get it wrapped around her neck (maybe newer models don't have that).

Maybe you can resell it on ebay? It definitely appeals to hipsters with its funky colors and cell phone pocket. And if you include the pictures from of Courtney Cox and Gwyneth Paltrow using it, you're sure to get someone to buy it--maybe even at a profit.

We had a hard time getting DD into a Hotsling, so I know what you mean there. I had an easier time with the Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouch. But, what I really wish I had used with a newborn was something like the Hug-a-Bub. Have you seen those?

Also, there's a great place to buy used carriers over at
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i'm sorry to say that the premaxx just didn't work for me, either - in fact it kept me from wearing my first baby til she was nearly a year old
but then i learned better and figured out how to wear my baby!

I wish I had better news!
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If you want to sell the premaxx, pm me. I gave mine away today. I almost cried! My sister loves it and wants one so much but didn't have the money. So I gave it to her for my sweet niece.

So anyway, i'm in the market for another. They are good for toddlers, IMO.
Don't give up on the Hotsling. I use it all the time and love it. And I know a lot of other people who really like it, too. I'm sure it'll feel a lot different once you have a little more room!
I may be wrong, but I have heard that they are great when it comes to sizing issues. You may be able to send it back if it still isn't fitting a few weeks after baby comes.

I didn't like the premax but I am picky picky! I think as pp said it would be very easy to resell, prob. even for a profit on ebay!
I bought my last premaxx at target for 12 bucks. The deal of a lifetime!
I think it's popular because people don't hear of other ones. Anyway, I didn't like it for a newborn and it's not terribly comfy, but my bigger baby fits in it, so I use it to rock him to sleep now. Other than that I don't like it much.
For all the people who hate them, they sure are hard to come by for a decent price!
For all the people who hate them, they sure are hard to come by for a decent price!
You can have ours if you want! It's well used, and I wouldn't recommend the thing. But, I'd be happy to give it a new home.
Ok, I can't PM or email you for some reason. Can you PM me?

Thanks a million!
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