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Just wanted to mention, that we do the sidecar too--but WITH the gate. We never removed it. When DD outgrew her arm's reach co-sleeper at 5 months (because she could sit up on her own), we moved her crib smack against our bed. She was able to stand up in her crib by 6 months though, so we HAD to keep the gate up.

What we do, is put 15 month DD to sleep in her crib (I usually still nap her there too), then we go to bed 3 hrs later. Whenever she wakes for the first time, I move her into our bed. The crib gate serves as a "wall" on one side of our bed, so she doesn't fall out, and DH serves as the other "wall."

Sometimes we do let her sleep solo on the bed, because our bed is low and we have a gate at the door (and the room is safe). But I am most comfortable if she is in her crib (if I am out of the room, that is.) I'm sure by the time she is two, we can graduate her from her crib and let her sleep solo in our bed (when we are downstairs, and when she naps).
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