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We are dealing with this exact same issue. The sidecar arrangement is working well for us, my son is now more mobile. Yesterday when he woke from a nap, he rolled out of the sidecar onto the bed and luckily ran into a pillow before rolling right off the other side.

So, we put the fourth rail of the crib back on and then reattached the crib to our bed. The fourth rail is in the lowered position, so I can lift him over it to move him back and forth between our bed and the crib, but it is not ideal is many respects.

I have an idea for an alternate fourth "rail" between the sidecar crib and the bed, but I'm not sure how to make it work. I was thinking that we could take a blanket and put one end under one of our mattresses. Then it would come up between the two mattresses and could attach at the top of the crib. When he was napping or before I come to bed, the fourth "rail" could be up. And when I am in bed, it could come down, and it would just be a bit of fabric between us. I'm not sure how to attach it at the top...ideally something easy for me to attach and detach. Does this make sense to anyone? Has anyone done anything similiar? Any ideas for making this work? Or, ever hear of a product like this we could buy?

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