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Hi all -

Hoping to get some feedback about some concerns I've been having regarding our continued sidecar sleeping arrangement. We've been co-sleeping with our daughter since she was born. At 5 months she moved out of our bed and into her sidecar crib with no worries (guess she and I were both ready - hubby had been ready for months!). She's now 7 1/2 months and getting more active.

I'm concerned about a few things: since the mattress in the crib has been raised so that it will meet our mattress' height and is now at the highest level, how safe will she be when she starts to pull up on the sides of the crib? Isn't that when you are supposed to lower the mattress? If we do that, she's no longer level, and she's still waking 2-3x a night for a feed, and it's awfully nice to just roll over to her and feed her, then roll back...

Also, when she starts to crawl and I have her down for a nap but am in another room, what's a safe way to make sure that she doesn't crawl out of the sidecar and onto the bed and then have a fall from the bed? I want to continue to co-sleep, but my hubby won't go for taking apart the bedframe and sleeping with all the mattresses on the floor. Are pillows good for keeping wee ones in in this circumstance? Anything to watch out for with that, safety-wise?

Hoping you can help -

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