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Originally Posted by jogirl
We upgraded her sidecar to a daybed (a big 3-sides crib
. Works great.
That's brilliant
I never thought of that!

We never sidecarred the crib (actually not true, we just never *used* our sidecarred crib for the month or so it was up) but when dd#1 used to nap on the bed by herself, I would build what we referred to as the "wall of pillows" - worked pretty well

We now have our mattresses on the floor and we use Snug Tuck Pillows ( to ensure that no one just rolls off. Again, not foolproof as they can climb up on them and then they roll off head first
but they have to be fairly awake to do that and it's only happened once. Putting the mattresses on the floor has been key for us but if dh won't go for it maybe put pillows on the floor too just in case she falls off?
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