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HELP!!!! Roly Polys are Eating my Bean plants!

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I am so mad! I asked at the local Armstrong's and they told me that Rolly Pollys also known as pill bugs or sow bugs do not eat plants. I have news for them. They have eaten the leaves and are just leaving the stem there. They are all stuck on whats left, I have also found them hiding or sleeping under the spinach leaves.

Any suggestions on how to get rid of them? Naturally perferably.
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I have always heard that pill bugs prefer decaying plant material, but that they'll eat young plants in a pinch. But I know they're totally harmless, so maybe just manually relocating them would be the least impactful way to get rid of them? Good luck!!
Roly polies TOTALLY eat plants! In fact, I think it was my bean plants that they liked a couple years ago, too...

I had some luck relocating them by putting out a damp, rolled-up newspaper near my plants overnight. In the morning, roly polies were hiding in it & I just trashed the whole thing. I did that another time with either canteloupe or a grapefruit; I can't remember which. Just cut it in half (and eat some of the yummy fruit so the bugs don't get ALL of it!), prop it upside-down overnight and toss it in the morning.

You could also try setting out a shallow dish of beer overnight to entice roly polies and others...they'll crawl in & then drown when they can't get out. Roly polies do like decaying matter, so maybe provide a good layer of compost for them to munch on?

Good luck! Pests are the main reason my thumb is so brown.....
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